Life of Late ~ 3.27.15

We made it.  The last day of the work week and the last Friday of the month.  Folks, friends, people – this is the end of March already.  Time is pretty much flying by. So to celebrate this, let’s end on a hodgepodge of what has been going on in my corner of the big apple.

IMG_8933 >> because spring does not mean it should still be snowing, right? … … … I thought so <<

IMG_8934>> my mom and I made the trip to central park twice last weekend and each time (morning), we ended at the uptown Joe Coffee with a cold brew coffee and cinnamon scone for me and cappuccino and rosemary scone for her.  simply divine <<

IMG_8766 >> joyful almond smoothie from juice generation is quite nice, especially when it is free.  I was planning to use the rest of my gift card, but when the machine stopped working, they ended up giving it to me for free.  Don’t mind if I do. <<

IMG_8923 >> swish. let the march madness begin.  does anyone have a baller bracket that is still in the running?  one can NEVER predict the upsets…never <<

We sometimes like to joke about this whole November Project World Takeover.  Or do we?  Just this week, the awesome NYTimes journalist Courtney Rubin wrote an article about our tribe and the movement that Brogan and Bojan started back in 2011.  You may recognize a name or two 😉  Courtney came to one of our workouts a month or so ago, participated in the shenanigans and then interviewed a few of us on why NP is so special.

Then, what do you know and Racked picked up the NY Times article, pinning November Project as an “anti-Soul Cycle”, which really means against paying $35 a workout.


>> double trouble crew from a couple weeks back.  because working out at 5:30 and 6:30 is just sooooo much fun (sometimes…when the weather is nice…which means it’s not -10 or snowing) #runtoeat <<

Speaking of eating, remember how I talked about my obsession addiction love for peanut butter?  Well, I told myself that I would not out right purchase a jar of nut butter.  Lucky for me the cafeteria provides an excellent spread of crunchy and creamy Skippy.   But, seeing as I am no longer a teenager and have to really think about what goes into my body, I better start taking better care of it.  (*Not that I ever had one of those supermodel metabolisms anyways…stupid genes. Just kidding mom and dad 🙂 I still love you)


I connected with a company called, which is the biggest online sports supplements store in Europe and rapidly growing in USA.  They also operate – online store offering Protein Powders, Instant Oats, and other healthy foods health and wellness.  To be honest, I’m not much of a protein powder person and I’d much rather prefer to consume products, which contain ingredients that I can understand.

I’m sure we have all heard over and over how important omega 3’s are to one’s heath and what about those monounsaturated fats?  (insert thumbs up emoji and thank you to my friend Rebecca 🙂 ).  But really, I have to give two thumbs up to these products because the peanut butter is made of JUST peanuts, none of that added sugar business that I was eating from our 10th floor cafeteria.  I only started taking the Omega 369 a couple days ago, so stay tuned.

IMG_8913 >> have I told you how much I love Joe + cold brew lattes?  Cold brew coffee, strong coffee, just coffee.  I’ll take it 🙂 <<

~ “10 YouTube Channels That Will Actually Make You Smarter” ~

There are days when I feel I am digressing in my education.  Not that I really want to go back to school, but I don’t feel that staring at a computer for 8+ hours a day helps with my mental capabilities.   I’m 100% sure my attention span has digressed but what’s new.

An article about elite athletes brings up some good points about running.  One of my favorite quotes – “For us, running competitively is not about winning the race, but testing our mettle, seeing what we’re made of. It’s a negotiation–and sometimes a battle–with our own egos.”  David’s (the author) takeaway:

4 Keys to An Elite Attitude

1 – Don’t treat training runs or race times as indications of your self-worth
2 – Value every runner’s efforts, success and potential
3 – Don’t beat yourself up in training or in evaluating your workouts and racing
4 – Recognize that your running ability is a result of many factors, not just how serious you are or how hard you push


>> that time we skipped the line to access the rooftop bar and and celebrate these girls’ march birthdays <<

hope you have a fabulous weekend 

11 thoughts on “Life of Late ~ 3.27.15

  1. Kaitlin! Here comes my inner nutrition nerd…I think you mean monounsaturated fats.There are saturated fats, monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, omega 3 fatty acids and trans fats. We don’t want to consume so many saturated fats or trans fats, but monounsaturated fats (like olive oil and peanut oil) may help lower LDL (bad cholesterol). Less saturated and trans fats and more unsaturated please!

  2. I am still in shock that you made the NYTimes article. SO COOL. I feel like I know a famous person. You’re amazing for doing back-to-back NP workouts, I haven’t been to the 5:30 group but I think I might give it a shot this summer when it’s light out earlier. Maybe. It will be hard to get me out of bed that early…

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