Yo. It’s April. Boom.

As you may have caught on, I am really into this whole throw-everything-in-my-life-into-one-blog-post – mode.   Themes, eh.  You can live without them right now 🙂  I prefer the list of random articles found on sites like Buzzfeed or A+ (an emerging Buzzfeed-like but with a more positive-focus company that my old boss will be working at!)

Did you know I’m pretty crafty?  No, I don’t mean in the sneaky, conniving way (although I can be a trickster if you don’t watch out).  What I mean is I love the arts and crafts (not so much on the modern arts or interpretive arts though).  Sewing, baking, hodge-podge, anything that has to do with organizing, you name it.  So call me a grandma.  I learned from my grandma so that’s an honor.

Maybe I do get a bit excited over trips the Container Store and browsing through Pinterest.  I was stoked when we got a Michaels in the Flatiron area and have since made it one of my happy places – if I’m stressed and upset, the Flatiron 5th and 6th avenues are dangerous locations…heaven for us organization queens – the Lauren Conrad being one (yes, even if it’s organized chaos).

And don’t even get me started on Target, but then everyone and their mother is obsessed with Target.   What would you do if you had an entire room for crafts?  That’s getting a bit extreme, let’s live in a fantasy world for a moment – game room, movie room, workout room, etc. whatever suits your fancy.  Mine would have all sorts of turquoise colors and nautical themes.


>> Lindsay introduced me to Henri Bendel candles and now I’m slightly obsessed with the “Beach” and “Ocean Mist” .  Can you tell we are California girls through and through? <<

Do you ever find yourself sitting at your desk bored?  Hopefully not because that would not make for a fun day, but it happens to all of us.  My friend sent me a Fast Company article that listed out the “Exact Amount of Time You Should Work Every Day“.  This goes along the lines of finding out what type of worker you are.  Do you take mini breaks throughout the day?  Can you work for two or four hours (or 8 or 12) straight?  (Spoiler – you shouldn’t do this).  So how productive are you and how productive do you want to be?  The most efficient employees took 17-minute breaks for every 52 minutes worked.  It’s all about working smarter.

Lindsay sent me this blog – Sperrys and Sunshine – the other day and it’s yet another thing that I’m obsessed with.  Sperrys, flowers, nautical, Lily Pulitzer, ocean waves, bright colors, sunshine…where could one go wrong?  It’s a bit like Pinterest, so addicting that you have suddenly lost track of time and have scrolled through the entire feed without realizing it.

This article/these photos will make you smile and feel better about life.  Hands down.  If it didn’t, let’s chat offline because you probably need some humor and a pep talk in your life. 🙂


“I have learned, as a rule of thumb, never to ask whether you can do something. Say, instead, that you are doing it. Then fasten your seat belt. The most remarkable things follow.”
– Julia Cameron


6 thoughts on “Yo. It’s April. Boom.

      • Since I do the accounting for a small business my computer isn’t monitored at all…But I bet my productivity is somewhere around those lines… When I buckle down and get in a good groove I can really pump out the reports, but when I take a break it tends to be a long one.

        Also, I’m obsessed with basically everything “henri bendle” branded. I used to have one of their diffusers, and I just got a 20% off coupon in my email for my birthday, I might have to use it!

      • I really should monitor how my productivity fares based on my food and eating habits and sleep too. Ah well. I hear the diffusers are amazing!!

  1. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who’s crazy about that particular area of the Flatiron. I mean, come on! They have Bed Bath & Beyond, Container Store, Trader Joe’s, Harmon, Michaels, Old Navy, etc – in other words, darn near all the chain stores I actually love. Not to mention, just around the way on 18th Street is an awesome cafe called Telegraphe Cafe, which is perfect for chilling post shopping.

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