Lilly Pulitzer Love and Chaos

Confession: I woke up early to attend the NYC’s opening of the Lilly Pulitzer Target line at Bryant Park. Ok, not super early, just my normal 6:20 alarm but still.  Woke up to stand in line.  Some people arrived at 5am.


Confession: I waited in line for 75 minutes with tons of girls who looked oh “so New York/East Coast”.  Most of them were dolled up and some decked out in Lilly gear head to toe (as if that helped you move up in line…not).  You had pearls, Sperrys, designer sunglasses (at 7:30am), Tory Burch flats, and Louis V purses.  (guilty on the Sperrys but not guilty on the vast amount of makeup some had on).   I felt a little out of place.


~ It was actually more fun to see some of the artists painting Lilly prints than standing in line waiting for the mad dash into the store. ~

Confession: I have a love/hate relationship with brands.  I love Lilly and Tory Burch and Kate Spade.  I love the bright colors and unique patterns, but so many are one of a kind outfits and I never really have the forethought or desire to put all of it together.  Let’s just say style has never been my “thing”.  Honestly, I tend to roll in with the “California casual” as my go-to style.  That or relying on the “I just worked out” look.  Hence why all my pictures lately seem to be me running around (literally).


Confession: We didn’t actually make it into the Lilly store.  By the time we would have crossed the threshold, it would have been 9am and about 30 minutes past the time I should be at my desk.  Rumor was that items were flying off the shelves and being snatched out of the assistant’s hands.  I have a strong feeling that people will be ready and armed with their credit cards on Sunday morning, grabbing every single item  and immediately re-selling them online for a profit.

IMG_9312Realization: the other side of Bryant Park is where the fun is really at.  They had/have (from 8am-6pm) a huge area filled with hammocks, chairs to relax in, free manicures with Lilly Pulitzer-Essie polish, and a free juice bar.  What we really should have done was just arrive to soak up that experience and leave the shopping to another time (or to people who don’t seem to have work and can stand in line all day).  But still glad I stopped by because only in New York.


Confession: This dress is still on my mind.  Fingers crossed my mom is or I am able to find one at a Target and that it actually fits.  Rumor is that the sizing is a bit out of whack, but that’s what you get for cheaper material and cheaper prices.  First world problems.

Are you a Lilly Pulitzer fan?  Did you (would you?) brave the masses for Bryant Park?

8 thoughts on “Lilly Pulitzer Love and Chaos

  1. I haven’t bought anything from Lily yet, as a Minnesota her dresses look a little silly next to an upnorth cabin. (although she has a solid colored dress that I just might pay full price for) I do plan on going to my local target on Sunday and getting what I can. Hopefully the other people in my area aren’t as interested and won’t shop right away on Sunday!

  2. This is so cool! I didn’t know they were throwing events like this for the grand opening. Although I don’t think I’d personally wait in those lines… I’d rather wait until the hype dies down. I’m with you- Lilly is cute and all, but I also can’t see myself wearing a lot of the things because I’m not going to events that require that kind of clothing. Plus, my style (or lack thereof) consists of rotating between the same few outfits all the time. I still love Lilly, but I do think I love Vineyard Vines more. I wish we had things like this here though! Free manicures? Sign me up!

  3. I love Lilly but I didn’t end up heading down there – luckily I was advised both by you that the sizing was wayyy out there and another friend gave me the heads up that the dress I want is indeed online only, and that included the pop-up!

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