Happy Birthday to the Bodie Man!

happy birthday to the main guy in my life 😉 you are one of a kind (yes, I am writing to our family dog as if he would read this.  my family jokes that he has some wicked computer satellite set up somewhere, communicating with all his friends and admirers)


we lucked out with such a perfect pup.  (after the 3+ times that you decided to chew through the electrical wires. this is possibly why you have always been so mellow)


oh moto, you think that every single stuffed animal is yours…well I guess since you are the lone child living at home, you can rule the roost

IMG_2829 the extent of your desire to go swimming – a nice little bounce in the pool.  I promise I won’t throw you in anymore

IMG_8907different year, different toys, same lovable face

IMG_2466 from hiking to the top of mammoth mountain to leading the pack on the trails at home


we love you so

IMG_2527 and of course a special shout out to your sister Lily too 🙂
happy birthday


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