Running Boston

A few people thought that from my Instagram posts, that I was running the Boston Marathon last week.  No, I just happened to be in the city on Friday and Sunday and was able to enjoy the festivities.  There is something magical about being in the city during this race weekend that makes you want to run a marathon.  Folks, that’s months of training, maybe even years of training and even a bit of pure luck if you can get into the Boston Marathon.  Sure, it may be a crazy dream but I would love to run it one day.



Back when I started to run cross country, I just wanted to place for my team.  Later on I happened to be one of the faster runners but that’s not really saying much for our division.  I also managed to graduate right before my sister and her teammates annihilated each and every one of my times.

In college I ran for fun and I started to get more competitive.  I ran a number of half marathons, just with basic road running as my training.  No diet adjustment, no strength workouts, and no speed training.  Then I joined November Project and started to think about running a marathon.  So many other people do it, why can’t I?  Certainly I could break 4 hours.  But what about qualifying for Boston?  It seemed that if I didn’t run fast enough, I wouldn’t be a worthy runner.  That’s 1) not true and 2) who knows what the future holds.  Running is competitive but should also be about celebrating everyone that is out there pushing their limits.


As you may pick up from my pictures, I’m not exactly built with the typical slim-speedy-marathoner body.  Even if I were to stop eating my mug cakes (probably should do that anyways) and clean out my diet (which is already filled with vegetables soooo sugar is the remaining culprit), I don’t think I’ll ever look like Kara Goucher or Shalane Flanagan.  I still want to run a marathon and I still want to run Boston.



So now, with that all in mind, let me take you through some Boston moments as seen by yours truly prior to the 2015 Boston Marathon.

IMG_9332Blue and yellow adorned almost every building near the finish line (and the church).  There were flower beds filled with blue and yellow colors, tulips, and so much more.


As seen on my run to NP Boston (Summit Ave hills).  Aren’t these adorable?  I almost fell in love with the town, enough to consider living there one day.  But then I realized I couldn’t survive the winters.  Not by a long shot.


While the trip to Boston had been planned a few months back, I was able to arrive on Thursday night, perfect for a quick jog around town and November Project workout on Friday morning.  I even happened to run (literally) into my NP_NYC friends Brian and Mary, both of whom were running in Monday’s race!

IMG_6761IMG_6760Groups upon groups of people out and about, running the course, running through parks, and soaking up all that sunshine.


Even Mrs. Mallard took her little ducklings out for a shake-out run prior to the marathon.   Aren’t they adorable with their little spring hats?


Then there was the actual running and viewing of the marathon itself.  I had a few friends lined up to race and decided to watch and track them online.  BAA had this amazing little setup where you could track the runners and their various paces throughout the entire course!  They even had little running figures map out where exactly each runner was.  Nifty, right?


Each one of them (and the thousands of others) crushed it.  I really was quite in awe of so many people running their hearts out.  A special shout-out to my family friend Mia who ended up running 3:25 and is a truly awesome person.  Well deserved!

Of course following any large sporting event, there are articles, slideshows, and interviews with the top names.  The other day I read Shalane’s take on her race and something she said really resonated with me.

What goes through your head? When a race is going so wrong, why keep going?

SF: In life you can’t expect everything to go your way, every single timeYou never know what’s going to happen up front sometimes when there’s a battle going on—sometimes they come back your way. 


Running has truly become an identity and a best friend.  I love the feeling of running a race and the excitement from all the runners around you. I love talking about training (or at least getting ideas about training since mine is often called “fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants”) and I love that feeling of accomplishment you get after working out.  Call me crazy, that’s fine, but it’s a lifestyle and I love it.

6 thoughts on “Running Boston

  1. One day we’ll both run Boston. Hopefully together, even. People that aren’t part of that running community just assume anyone can run it. Even I sometimes think to myself “oh I can qualify, no problem” then I realize I’ve never come close to running that kind of distance so I can’t just assume it’s going to be a cake walk. It’s not. I love your last little paragraph about how it has become part of your identity. It’s an awesome feeling when something finally just clicks. It IS a lifestyle. And I love it too. Love this 🙂

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