Life of Late ~ 5.1.15

Happiest of May to you all!!  I’m in quite the good mood maybe because it’s May, maybe because it’s Friday, and maybe because it’s my birthday next week. That’s right.  Yours truly is almost one year older and oh so much wiser 😉 Well, in true Kaitlin form, let’s start the weekend with a whole lot of random and wonderful information.

This whole joke about November Project #WorldTakeover?  No joke.  It’s real.  Here’s a clip from an Asian television station about our workouts.  I may have watched the clip a few too many times in order to spot every person I know.

All smiling faces and my back around 0:38/1:24.  Bouncing, hugs, good looking people.  What more could you ask for?

disney doppelganger

I decided to take an online quiz (because what’s a better method to procrastinate on work or going to bed?) and what do you know, Anna is my spirit character.  Not only is it quite accurate, but my family already calls me Anna.  Good stuff.  Who’s your Disney spirit character?

draw and juiceWouldn’t this have been a fabulous way to spend your Sunday?  I wasn’t able to make it because I was busy racing in Central Park but might have to gather my girlfriends to make an artsy brunch of our own.  Think about it – delectable scones, coffee, and doodles for days.  Sounds absolutely divine.  That or having a flower arranging party (Well Traveled Wife) for your birthday.  Wouldn’t that be lovely?

One woman’s article on how looking a certain way has nothing to do with running.  #truth.  Just be you.

Fun fact – I don’t really like candy and I don’t really like cake (mug cakes are in a different universe so those don’t count).  I mean, I eat cake but that’s usually because it’s there.  Terrible excuse and I know most health columns would tell me to just not eat it and save up for something I truly love.  But I might be able to to make the case for this cake.  I mean, a surprise in the middle?  How much better could it get?

Oh wait, if it was an ice cream cake, that would top the charts.  Ok, I figured out how I’ll celebrate my birthday.  With an ice cream cake.  Don’t worry, my life isn’t that tame.  It’ll be 2x November Project workouts + work + ice cream cake and then finish it with a mega work presentation the next day.  Oh I wish the last part was a joke.

Did you know you could order a coffee of the month?   Blue bottle does have some of the best so once I own my own coffee pot (and stick around long enough to drink my own brew) I’ll certainly be signing up for this package.  For now, I’ll continue to spend the $2 a day on my cup of joe.

It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to catch much sleep in the next couple weeks – between working on company projects and jetting off to run (this weekend is the Philly Broad Street 10-miler).  But, all is good because in just two week’s time I’ll be on my way to Scandinavia for a 10-ish day adventure (not to mention break from technology and sitting on my rear).

Any good plans for the weekend?

7 thoughts on “Life of Late ~ 5.1.15

  1. Okay your birthday sounds epic. Minus the presentation part. But HOW DO YOU NOT LIKE CAKE?!?! We might need to reevaluate our friendship 😉 I really want that cake though. Man oh man does it look good.

  2. Don’t believe you are naive…..because..1 4 years of Jesuit training 2 1 year in NYC….mike cooling

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