Life of Late ~ 5.8.15

It’s a May miracle and I have published four posts in one week. SHOCKER!  There was supposed to be another one on Philly yesterday buuuuut I’m saving finishing it for next week.

What’s new in this corner of the world wide web?  Well, there were some birthday celebrations, some awesome workouts, and some hard core work action.  Glad to say, presentation finished (and I may have sweated through my shirt…thank goodness for the bright JCrew sweater to hide everything) and it’s the home stretch to Scandinavia.

There will be a blogging hiatus but don’t fear, I will come back to bombard you with fantastic photos.   That and my Instagram feed should stay pretty up to date.  #hashtagsforlife  I’m not sure if Meghan realizes what she is in for 😉  So, while I may not be posting much abroad, my friend Alexis is dedicated enough to document her wonderful adventures to London and more here.  I’m going more for the digital detox and hopefully (super fingers crossed) more sleep on the trip.


^^ waking up at 5am for double november project workouts for my birthday?  yep.  that happened.

Honestly this year has been a blur and too damn amazing.  I would be lying if I didn’t say I was obsessed with NP, the culture, the people. (but you probably already knew that)  I’m blessed to be able to call these gals my friends and role models.  For the first time, I have a whole bunch of older brothers and sisters to look up to 🙂


^^ for those who don’t know, on wednesdays we wear pink.  of course it made it 100x better that there were 4 of us celebrating the SAME birthday.  Taurus love all around.

IMG_9478^^ hanging (bridging) with my buddies at Van Cordtlant Park.  we may have taken at least 10 pictures in order to perfect the bridge 🙂

Thanks to our friend Dan, we’ve been able to travel north of Manhattan (comfortably in a car) for a long-run change of scenery.  The track/forest loop up there is about 3 miles, so a simple 3×3 on the weekend makes for a nice Saturday morning.

IMG_9479^^ because this is what you need after crushing a long run.  breakfast oat bar + cold brew coffee

One of the real reasons I run  or continue to run (besides the feeling of accomplishment and other health benefits) is to eat.   And eat I do (everything in moderation…including moderation).

ice cream yolo

What I have bookmarked on every computer is this list of “44 Frozen Treats You Need to Try in NYC this Summer“.  Done and done.   Will you be joining me?

photo (1) ^^ yes, this is exactly what the USDA meant by eat the “colors of the rainbow”

Many people like to run for fun and others for weight loss.  So what if I told you you could have your cake and eat it too?  As in chocolate cake for breakfast could help you lose weight?  Of course you can’t really take my full advice and probably should 1) read the entire article and 2) look further into the matter and 3) consult any type of dietician, etc.  But really, I’m game (even though I don’t like cake).


 That’s right, another November Project team pre-race photo.  This one was from the Run As One 4-Miler in Central Park.  Good ‘ol Jason (the only boy) was a trooper and posed with all the lovely ladies of NP.

Sooooo, my buddies are going to Calle Ocho for unlimited sangria brunch.  This has been a place that I have wanted to go for a very long time because I absolutely love sangria.  That and prosecco and I’m a happy camper.  But, seeing as I have very little self control around sangria, am not drinking for a month (prepping for the next half), and actually have to pack for my trip to Scandinavia (hello laundry that hasn’t been done in weeks), I’ll have to pass.  But with flavors like this – “TROPICAL” (Mango, Pineapple, Lemon Grass, Passion Fruit, Rum), “PUNTA CANA” (Mamajuana Hispanola, Peaches, Oranges, Pineapple, Rum) and “HAVANA BANANA” (Coconut, Bananas, Lychees, Coconut Rum), I will certainly have to make a trip back.

IMG_9677 (1)^^ another birthday picture because it was so much fun.  I love these people.

Want a good reason to laugh out loud?  Read this entire Buzzfeed article about a dad that tried social media for a week.  I read it for the first time in my little office cubicle (during a work break! I swear!) and was dying.  Maybe it’s my type of humor but I couldn’t stop laughing.  It was so bad that I had to hold a sweatshirt over my face so I wouldn’t disturb anyone or  bring (too much) attention to myself.

photo (2) ^^ photo props to TFred.  The said Road ID with the incorrect phone numbers.  Good job Kaitlin.

Another reason to laugh (at me)?  I purchased a Road ID last week because there was a mega-sale going on.  Well the good news is that I purchased a super cute turquoise band simply because it’s the best color ever.  The bad news is that I decided to put my cell phone number instead of my mom’s cell phone number on the chip.  Blonde moment.


^^ what I have been jamming out to on Pandora during my long runs.  Usually I try to run music-less, especially since that’s the plan for my half marathon.  But, sometimes I cave and then grace the island of Manhattan with my lovely voice and amazing dance moves.  Seriously – the bottom middle song gets me going like no other.  Good stuff.

Speaking of half marathons…mine is in two weeks. Yikes!  But after cruising down Broad Street and running one of the fastest long distance races in my life, I think everything should work out a-okay.  Let me just note that Megnan and I decided to sign up for one of the largest half marathons in the world.  This should be interesting.

“You can’t do it unless you can imagine it.” – George Lucas

1 thought on “Life of Late ~ 5.8.15

  1. I need to get a new road ID because apparently only keep my mom and dad’s phone numbers on it aren’t doing me much good, so I’m supposed to put Tim’s number on a new one as well since he’ll be slightly closer at least. ANYWAYS you know how jealous I am for your upcoming trip to Copenhagen. Unreasonably jealous. And I say this every time you post about it, but your love for NP makes me so happy. I remember where we were a little more than a year ago, struggling to find our place in life. Look at how far we’ve come 🙂 HAPPY BELATED again!!!

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