Life of Late ~ 6.5.15

Today is Friday the 5th of June and it oh so happens to be National Donut {Doughnut} Day.  Yes folks, we have arrived at the day of the week that celebrates the most delectable and often deadliest breakfast item.  In honor of that, I’d like to start this post with a recent find on the west side, thanks to a November Project recommendation.


Get this…it’s in a CAR WASH!  Don’t worry, health code is all up to date and probably a whole lot cleaner than some of those food carts you see around the city…


Maybe not ideal to start the morning with a bucket full of sugar, but I had to test out the maple waffle and pineapple selections.  Plus, we had just worked out soooo it’s all justified, right?


Underwest Donuts
638 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036
MON: 6:30AM-3PM — TUE-FRI: 6:30AM-5PM — SAT: 7:30AM-5PM | SUN: 7:30AM-3PM


^^ Typical commute from November Project to work.  I’ve gotten surprisingly good at running with my backpack, although I don’t think I’ll be racing with it any time soon.


^^ Volunteering with my buddies at last week’s UAE 10k and oh, it just so happens that we made it on NYRR’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  #grassrootsgear #winning #novemberproject #noshame


^^ Celebrating a friend’s send-off with a touristy rooftop bar.  Touristy or not, the view isn’t half-bad.


^^ CNN celebrating 35 years and so of course that means some free t-shirts, photo-booths, and sneak-peek at upcoming documentaries


As you may have picked up from my posts and blog, I love the beach, sun, and anything tropical.  The joke was that I would grow up to be a dolphin trainer, braid hair, and live in Hawaii (sorry if I have already said this here…it’s a common story) Anyways, I love tiki themed parties and used to be obsessed with the tiki and tropical section of Oriental Trading.  Well, while in Norway, we happened to see THE boat that discovered Easter Island.  More on that trip next week (Norway, not Easter Island), but I decided a picture with Mr. Easter Island was necessary.

IMG_0180I arrived home to this amazing package, thanks to my blend friend Meighan.  We were roommates last year at the Blend Retreat and since I wasn’t able to attend this year, she was a doll and sent me some of the good stuff.  I mean, oats, Honey Stinger, and yogurt coupons and I was a VERY happy camper!  Not to mention, those sesame crackers? I was skeptical but am on the hunt to find more.


^^ Did you know that Denmark is the HOME to Lego?  That’s actually why Meghan chose it as her study abroad program.  Just kidding.  Maybe 😉

~ Links I Love ~

Sometimes, Always, Never Blog ~ “Five Facts From A Guy {About Girls}” ~  I never grow tired of her blogs and love this one! Be true to you.

The Greatist ~ “The 7 Questions I Asked That Seriously Changed My Life” ~ Never be afraid to ask.  You never know what the answer will be or where it will lead you.  What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Brittany Lesser ~ “Why Clothing Size Doesn’t Matter” ~ All hail the booty!

Refinery 29 ~ “Tips For Becoming A Boss From 34 of NYC’s Most Powerful Women

Sheryl Sandberg’s Reflection ~ There are no words to describe the pain she has endured – the loss of a loved one too soon.  I recommend taking the time to read what she has written and remember to tell those around you that you love them and to value each moment of each day.

Bustle ~ “7 Things Independent People Do in Relationships That Make Them So Much Stronger

Spoon University ~ “Outrageous Facts That’ll Change How you Think About Starbucks” ~ (And a website dedicated to the secret menu!)

Linking up with Life in Leggings!


^^ A little bit of free fitness to start my Friday and the weekend.  You know the drill, W/F … November Project … just show up 🙂

“If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine” – Morris West


5 thoughts on “Life of Late ~ 6.5.15

  1. If we had a good donut place near me, you better believe I’d be celebrating national donut day. Unfortunately, the best I can do is Dunkin and let’s be honest… they aren’t thattt great. I would totally go to a sketchy car wash for good donuts!!!

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