Norway in a Nutshell (Part 1)

Ready for part 2 of our Scandinavian adventures?  If you need a refresher, hop over here for part 1 where we explored a majority of the Copenhagen proper and hit up Tivoli, Hamlet’s castle right outside of the city, and ate some of the lovely cuisine (and sweets…duh)

Day 4 (5/19/15) ~ Norway in a Nutshell


While we had arrived in late to our hostel on Monday night, we both decided to wake up early and get a quick run around Bergen in prior to our long day of travel.  We set out for solo jaunts around the harbor and soaking in the sights.  I was surprised to see all the American influences in the small Norway town.  From the omni-present 7-11s (note, these are much fancier or at least better stocked than in the US) to a Starbucks and even a Louisiana creole restaurant and pub.


We purchased a travel pack called Norway in a Nutshell that takes you from Bergen to Oslo (or reverse) through the mountains and fjord.

IMG_7077~ Train from Bergen to Voss ~


We shall call this trip “planes, trains, and automobiles”.  Here is Meghan heading to the bus to Gundvagen where we would get separated (each of us in a separate bus because there was no space and because we had been in line for the bathrooms) and officials would get onto my bus, asking for tickets, and I would have to pull a sweet smile and frantically say that I have a ticket but about 400 meters ahead in another bus. It worked.  Phew.

IMG_7084 IMG_7098


IMG_7101 IMG_7102 For some reason, the people of Norway are obsessed with their trolls.  It’s creepy.  I used to be all about the souvenir game, but these little folks didn’t make the list.  I’m going more for goods that are useful or have a little more meaning than knick-knacks.  Gifts also used to be a big thing when we weren’t exactly paying our way through the trip 😉 Got to love being a kid, right?

IMG_7113 IMG_7124 ~ Traveling along the Fjords (~2 hours) ~


IMG_7149~ Final boat stop in Flåm ~


Flåm is a small, touristy town on the edge of the fjord.  Once docked, we hiked our way up some of the dirt paths (that only went for 400m so we had to walk them a few times to tire ourselves out).

IMG_7155 IMG_7162

~ Riding the Flåm railway ~


Some very odd interpretive dance that we saw on the mountain.  It was quite the experience.

IMG_7174 IMG_7182 Who would have thought that there would be this much snow in the mountains during late May!  I even saw a few houses along side the rail tracks, which meant people had to hike their way in and out of the snow on the daily year round up there.  I have zero clue what they would do for food too!  So different of a lifestyle in comparison to living in NYC.


Once we reached the top of the mountain, we grabbed a poor attempt at a sandwich from the mountain cafe and then switched over to a train heading towards Oslo.  Of course there was an obnoxious family that sat immediately behind us (of all the empty rail cars…) but such is life.   We finally made it to Oslo around 10:30, found our hostel, and went to bed.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Meghan’s recap here!


4 thoughts on “Norway in a Nutshell (Part 1)

  1. Ah so cool! I wanted to go to Norway- everyone said it was the nicer version of Copenhagen. I’m not sure how that’s possible, but if that’s what it’s like, it has to be pretty amazing. I remember LOVING 7-eleven while I was over there. Oh man I had no idea the food could be that good! I go every day here for hot chocolate but couldn’t imagine buying the food. In Denmark, I could have eaten there three meals a day haha

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