The Blondes Abroad ~ Sweden Travels

We have almost reached the end of our journey.  As you read from Monday’s post, we had a brief stop in Goteborgs for their 21km or 1/2 marathon race.  Friends, let me just say running with 64,000 people was INSANE!


^^ Rocking the November Project #grassrootsgear 🙂 Represent internationally!

But we made it out alive – we may have been a bit more sore but a bit happier as well (PR earned and no more stressing about the race).  We spent the night in a hotel by the airport (oo la la, an actual hotel rather than hostel) that had a sick spread for breakfast.  I may have loaded up on all the calories that I burnt through the day before, but I have awhile until my next half to get down to #raceweight.  Plus, it was vacation, so it didn’t count. 😉

~ DAY 9 ~ 5/24/15 ~ STOCKHOLM ~


After arriving to Stockholm Sunday morning, we bused into the city, dropped off our bags, and set off for a hop on-hop off boat tour.   We rode through the small harbor for a couple stops and then got off to explore Skansen, which is an open-air museum/zoo/playground.

IMG_7357 IMG_7362 ^^ Seriously, the Scandinavians REALLY love their licorice.


IMG_7373 ^^ One of the working shops where actual work continues to occur.  This man was molding something with metal.  Although, being in a museum, you’ll have people staring at you and taking pictures all day long.  Not sure I would enjoy being on that end, but now we know what the zoo animals feel like.

IMG_7398 IMG_7422 ^^ I’m serious.  They LOVE their candy.  Who wouldn’t be obsessed with little sweets in these jars?



Once we had our fill of the animals, we headed back out to the boat to finish the tour and find a bit of FIKA or espresso and coffee break.  Coffee always pairs well with chocolate, that was the treat of choice for the afternoon.


^^ chocobolle {Swedish chocolate coconut ball} for Kaitlin & Meghan and espresso for Kaitlin

IMG_7458 I think at this point of the trip, we had explored all that we could, or all that we desired to.  We rested in a nearby park, reading our Kindles and soaking up the spring sunshine until it reached a decent time to eat (none of this “4:30pm special”)

Meghan’s friend had traveled to Sweden earlier in the year and stumbled upon this amazing vegan and vegetarian buffet.  For about 15 dollars, you could get up and select whatever you wanted from this buffet.  I tried to keep it relatively clean since vegetables were seriously lacking on this trip.  So, while the picture below might be horrendous, it’s a solid depiction of the spread (grilled vegetables, eggplant lasagna, coleslaw, hummus, and a few other Mediterranean dishes)


Hertmitage Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant 
(such a clutch find and recommendation by one of Meghan’s friends)

Once we were sufficiently stuffed, we strolled back through the old town and headed to our hostel for some reading, television, and good ‘ol bedtime.

~ DAY 10 ~ 5/25/15 ~ STOCKHOLM ~


The final day consisted of a scavenger hunt for breakfast (ending in an “eh” sandwich – aka roll with one slice of cheese and ham each) and free walking tour of the Stockholm city center.


We scoured our options for one last Swedish meal and found a grocery market (think upscale La Boqueria) and settled on a platter of Mediterranean-ish food for lunch. I went ahead and ordered a Flat White coffee simply so we could sit in the coffee booth.  In retrospect, coffee doesn’t really pair well with Mediterranean, but oh well.

Then it was back to the hostel, onto the 45-minute bus to the airport, and back to Copenhagen before flying home the next day.

IMG_7472^^ this was meant to be more of a sad face but now I realize that she looks like she is in shock or just ticked off.  The sentiment is the same – she was about to finish her last ice cream cone of the trip and finish her 4.5 month abroad experience.  I would be in shock too. 

So with that, our brave blonde adventures has concluded.  The final score is as follows:

7 flights
3 countries
too many kroner conversions (and instead swipes of the credit card)
5 hostels
8 cities
endless miles walked (if only we were wearing a Fitbit!)
0 fights (but 2ish moments of hanger each)
1 hell of a trip 

Until our next adventure…

4 thoughts on “The Blondes Abroad ~ Sweden Travels

  1. Wooooo what an insane trip and I love that you documented it! You stayed busy! I’m all about the swedish candy. You know I filled my suitcase with it 😉

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