4th of July Festivities ~ Mammoth, CA Edition

this year’s fourth was quite a treat as we spent it in mammoth mountain, located in central  california.  over the years we have spent our 4th in mammoth, the alisal (near santa barbara) and even england.  yep, that was the most anti-climactic 4th ever.


last year was spent at the jersey shore and next year will be celebrated in good ‘ol NYC with a fireworks spectacular.  added to the bucket list and already planned 🙂


the first morning’s view.  having flown back the day before, I still hadn’t adjusted to the west coast time zone but waking up at 5:50a had its bonuses – soaking up this view and taking in the peace and quiet…so different than the hustle and bustle of nyc.

IMG_0945breakfast out at one of the local spots.  we normally don’t eat out for breakfast (only if it’s Looney Bean coffee + scones) but we had agreed to meet up with our parent’s friends and so the stove it was.  actually, we used to go to the stove on a regular basis but hadn’t eaten there in over 12 years.  it has all the basics – eggs, pancakes, etc, but nothing too special.  make sure to factor in some waiting time as it’s one of the more popular spots in town!

the stove
644 Old Mammoth Road
Breakfast & Lunch daily (6:30a-2p)
Dinner served Th-Sun (5p-9p)
*no reservations


meghan and I were refueling after running down and around town.  she went for a belgian waffle + side of bacon (after crushing a long 10 miles in the altitude) while I stuck with a “pancake sandwich”

IMG_0941 this was just too funny not to post.  the two dads probably analyzing something as they sip their orange juice and let the girls gossip.


how’s this for an evening view?


families that run together stay together.  all the girls rocking the red, white, and blue. of course I had to rock my november project shirt 🙂 I actually ran into another november project girl who had grown up in Mammoth (or the area) and lived in boston for some time.


we teased meghan about winning because an apple pie was on the line.  she didn’t win outright, but earned 3rd in our age group.  I finished 8th in the group with about 7:20 mile – not bad for zero race warm-up and full-on altitude (my throat burning the entire length of the course and legs feeling like lead)


^^ pre-race chaos.  all the little kids decided to line up at the starting line, sprint the first 50 yards and promptly stop.  we also spotted deena kastor with her daughter and husband.  thankfully she was running with an actual running stroller, unlike some other bozos.


this would be my kind of post-race treat – what they call a frozen “Looney Latte”, topped with chocolate covered espresso beans and whipped cream.  I even substituted in coconut milk and was highly impressed by the flavor!


three’s company.  we happen to be a lab family if you can’t tell

IMG_0980tfred and I took a trip up to the top of the mountain and biked our way down.  let’s just say that maneuvering the rocky terrain was not entirely enjoyable but once we made it past the  sharp turns, it was full-speed ahead (really though, I prefer speed to rocks and jumps)


“why don’t you bike down and take a picture of me biking” ok dad.

IMG_1005night #2 and just as breath-taking

IMG_7505 ^^ meghan pre-ordered a customized ben&jerry’s ice cream cake.  it was heavenly and I’m already planning one for my 25th birthday.  go big or go home.


^^ willie wishes he that he could partake in the sweet festivities

IMG_7537 a trip to the mountains isn’t complete without a hike.  this trip we decided to hike a portion of the john muir trail ~ a lovely 13-14 mile jaunt.

IMG_7515 IMG_7523 IMG_7526

I may have gotten myself in a pickle by pushing ahead too far, losing sight of my family, and losing the trail.  lesson learned. stay in sight.

IMG_7528 IMG_7529

fern lake (trail from devils postpile)

IMG_7534“The power of imagination makes us infinite” – John Muir


9 thoughts on “4th of July Festivities ~ Mammoth, CA Edition

  1. That CAKE! Yummmm great job on the race! I’ve never run in altitude but growing up at sea level I’m sure it would be a struggle haha enjoy every second at home with the fam 🙂

  2. I love your fourth planning! It’s such a festive and fun holiday… I hear NYC fireworks are really on another level! Love your pups – we’re a lab family too : )

  3. So funny that you spent the weekend in MAMMOTH. Man friend keeps telling me how we need to go up there for a weekend, who knows, this weekend could be the WINNER – and I knowwwwwwwwwww I will be hitting up The Stove! 🙂 Reminds me of a place I used to frequent in Colorado (when I was in boarding school) called The Secret Stash 😉

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