Santa Barbara, CA Eats ~ Barbareño

IMG_7549Step right in to a little piece of Californian cuisine.

This neat little place, located off of State Street happened to have been created by a couple of Claremont students and is certainly one of my new favorites.  My sister actually was on the cross country team with Julian (head chef) and Kris (sous chef), which is how we stumbled across this gastronomical treat.


In the words of the restaurant itself:


a. Language – One of the extinct Chumashan languages, a group of Native American languages, which was spoken in the area of Santa Barbara.
b. Restaurant – A restaurant based in Santa Barbara, inspired by the terroir of the region.

IMG_7551 IMG_7552

^^ outside dining if you so desire (a bit chillier on these Santa Barbara nights, but just as delightful)


^^ seasonal menus created with plenty of time, love, and care

As a matter of fact, the menu is packed full of native ingredients – from avocados to Santa Maria barbecue, from oak to piquito beans.


^^ We started off with a garden salad ~ stone fruit (nectarines), umeboshi, mahlab croquette (goat cheese)


^^ Nancy’s Quail


^^ Hidden Valley Raviolo ~ ranch ricotta, peas, carrots, duck egg


^^ Bob’s classic burger

What’s neat is that they keep the grill right outside and with each order, a sous chef will take the selected meat out to roast or grill, right in front of your own eyes. (or anyone really who had a view outside of the main dining hall)

Though we all had eaten quite well, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity on such a unique selection of sweets.  By now you know that I am such a sucker for dessert, possibly my “Achilles heel” but such is life.


^^ Nance’s basil infused ice cream atop lemon curd and paired with a parmesan crisp


^^ My “Muffet’s Tuffets” ~ chocolate ganache, milk jam, seasonal fruit

The real winner and crowd pleaser is with “Movie Snacks” (crème brûlée with popcorn and homemade milk duds) so make sure to keep some room for that!

If brunch is more of your thing, it’s served on the weekends from 9:30am – 1:30p.  Either call for a reservation, submit a request online, or place your name in and take a walk around the town.

205 W Canon Perdido St
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 963-9591
~ About ~ Menu ~ Reservations ~


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