It’s Time for Dodger Baseball


A trip to Los Angeles is never complete without a Dodger Game.  Sure you have the Lakers and Clippers and even USC Trojans, but let’s be real – the Dodgers are where it’s at.  Having been born in raised in the Los Angeles area, I’ve been lucky to visit the Ravine since I was just a baby.


^^ No joke, here I am just over a month old!  (benefit of visiting home means access to perfect throw-back pictures) 😉

So, factoring in about 25 years worth of games, that means that we have had the privilege of seeing the Ravine change over the years.  From faulty food choices to the addition and removal of gaudy advertisements, from the omni-presence of the 76-ball in the outfield to the flashy 21st century ads from advertisers that pay bigger and better prices.  There was the time that Frank McCourt took over and then there was the time that he made such poor decisions that when we saw him at the stadium, my mom gave him a piece of her mind.  But we also met Tommy Lasorda and hopefully will one day run into the great Vin Scully.  He truly is a piece of history and a piece of the Dodgers. 


Though New York does play host to a couple decent teams, I will never stray from my National League roots (Heyyyyy Brooklyn Dodgers!).  There was almost a time where I purchased a hat at Met’s Stadium (because souvenirs are plain ‘ol fun) but refrained to stay true to my boys in blue (the REAL blue).


Not only has the stadium evolved over the years, but the food options have improved tremendously too! 

IMG_7567  This was a nifty addition to the park – a decent looking bar overlooking the field (located behind right field)


Tommy Lasorda’s presents a little bit of Italian flare and flavor with options like classic NY pizza (one would have to sample in order to verify the “classic” element) chicken parm sandwich, or Italian sausage with grilled peppers and onions.


 If you are looking for some hot dog options, this is definitely your paradise.  It’s one stop short of Pink’s, without the extra drive or wait!

IMG_7573^^ I was tempted by the bacon wrapped hot dog, especially since they used to serve them after every MLS Galaxy Game, but went for a  turkey burger on wheat bun option instead.  (we packed in our own peanuts + veggie bags to help supplement the stadium eats)




^^ Anyone remember the Olympic dancing sensation Kate Hansen?  Kate actually grew up in my community and I played soccer with her (and we were in 7th grade choir together…), so it’s neat to see what she is up to these days.

IMG_7587 IMG_7588Because we are suckers for tradition, we had to purchase a cup of soft serve frozen yogurt – something that we have done for years and years.  I even recall the original pink booth that we used to buy it from – about three changes ago – and would secretly have them top the ice cream with rainbow sprinkles without my dad knowing 🙂 (I do have to watch myself because I’m already starting to pull the “back in my day” card)

IMG_7590 IMG_7591 ^^ And it’s a DODGER WIN!  With a great come back for the boys in blue, I’ll add my own cheesy touch and say that my attendance was a good luck charm at that night’s game 🙂


The best part about the Dodgers winning is that they end the game with Randy Newman’s “I LOVE LA” song.  It’s all just too darn true.


We even stayed to the very end of the game and watched the Friday night fireworks! I say actually because the typical Los Angeles fan will arrive late and leave early to an event – all to avoid that lovely traffic.  But, all in all this had to have been the very best game that I have been to with my family.  Good food, good baseball, a win, and post-game spectacular 🙂

“The roar of the crowd has always been the sweetest music. It’s intoxicating.” – Vin Scully