Throwback Thursday ~ Growing up on the Classics

Too often I find myself using the phrase “I live(d) under a rock.”  This happens when people bring up pop culture, good movies, classic or current TV shows, etc.  You name something that every average child, teen, or adult has done and I probably would provide the above response.

So what’s up with that?  Not hip or cool?  False.  I realized I just was out there living life (just kidding, we all “live life” by our own standards) playing sports and bouncing around with the family.  I also did think about what we watched growing up and while we stuck to classics like Star Wars (MUST watch them again prior to the next release), I fell more into the Disney channel boat (add in a few cheesy films like Pink Panther and Daddy Daycare and A Cinderella Story).  Then I thought about it again and what about weekend cartoons?  For me, I grew up watching classics (ok reruns of classics).  I would wake up before anyone else, take my blanket into the living room and veg-out before soccer watching TVLand.  Yep, I grew up on the re-runs of these amazing shows:

^^ I ALWAYS wanted to be a genie for Halloween and have YET to make this happen.  One day, one day.  Also, congrats to “I Dream of Jeannie” for celebrating 50 years this year!

^^ “Ayyyyy” – The Fonz.  Reminding you that ALL these days are Happy Days.

^^ There were times where I just wanted to be her.  I did end up attempting to dress up like Elizabeth Montgomery but I’d say that was one of my not-so-great costumes.  It was a half-assed attempt to be honest and was on the downfall of my epic costume days (namely because I was no longer in the “aw that’s cute you are trick-or-treating” stage and Grandma Nancy wasn’t creating epic patterns for me).


^^ Didn’t we all dream to live a life like this?  Turns out the real-life story of the actors/actresses wasn’t as golden and perfect as I thought.  Still, good times with the Bradys.

^^ Name that show!  Mr. Ed of course 🙂  Now if you want a real treat, find me in person and I’ll sing the theme song for you.

When writing this post, I did a little bit of digging and Wikipedia article reading and have to say, probably 75% of what was said and what happened during these shows went over my head.  I was way too young to understand any of the humor but just loved watching the characters interact, the jokes, and the different time period.  It seemed like everything was so easy (and it was because it was scripted).  I also didn’t realize the length that writers and producers went to in order to create an accurate character development for each character.  Take the Fonz for instance.  Sure he was a high school drop out, but he was classy and now I realize there was so much more to people.  It’s what they always say, “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

Now I know that TV Land needs to keep up with all the other networks in order to stay in business.  I know you need to produce new content to stay “hip and cool” but please tell me where are all my old classics going?  Just like the original iPod, they are being outdated and passed over for new media.  Kids these days want the latest and greatest and that means better plots, better animation, and things they can relate to better.  I work in the media industry and understand this but still look fondly back on those shows, those memories, and hope to keep a little bit of them with me, always.  That’s what “Throwback Thursdays” are for anyways, right?  Looking back on some good times and reminiscing.

Talk to me.  What shows did you grow up watching?

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4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday ~ Growing up on the Classics

  1. Totally agree about stuff going over your head – I watched all kinds of shows and classic old movies as a kid that I probably did not get half of! But, my elementary and middle school faves were Lizzie McGuire, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and if I remember correctly the shows that were on the old Fox Family channel 😉

  2. Bewitched was my JAM! I was convinced that my mom let me watch it because I was “so grown up”. Haha. Happy Days was also a classic, but I did love my cartoons… Scooby Do anyone?

  3. This is why we are best friends. Because I would veg out in front of the TV at my grandma’s house and watch Bewitched and Happy Days and MacGuyver and I Dream of Jeannie. Lol you listed all the classics and all my favorites!! 😉

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