Life of Late ~ 7.24.15

Friday. Friday. Friday.  Who is ready for the weekend?  Our department happens to be participating in “Summer Fridays” and each person has a four different Fridays assigned to them to take off.  (Side note/question – do these happen around the country or is New York just unique like that?)  Today happens to be one of mine and by the time this is published, I will have been to November Project at Staten Island (well, maybe just working out on the Staten Island Ferry) and hopefully eating breakfast while watching the Today Show.  I’m also off to explore Coney Island, so stay tuned for a little post in the near future.  For now, here are some links and thoughts that I have been hoarding the last month in my drafts folder.

Normally I don’t post stuff like this buuuuut I want to thank everyone who commented online/offline about Monday’s post and what home means to you.  Sure, we like to be in control, but life has ups and downs and you know, things will work out.   A couple of the best conversations following Monday’s post occurred with people I had met through NP.  One – knowing they read the post and two – hearing their thoughts just made my day and reminded me how much NP has meant to me thus far.


^^ re-post of my route across the Manhattan (bike path) bridge en-route to November Project


^^ I’m really starting to explore the rooftop scene in New York and let me tell you, it’s pretty darn cool.



HELP ME UNPLUG FROM TECHNOLOGY! I am so addicted to my phone and am hoping Greatist’s 31 tips can provide some insight or tricks to stepping away from the pixelated screens that seem to be omnipresent.  (I actually downloaded Headspace meditation app but have yet to use it) There’s the idea that technology enables us to be connected to everything and everyone, but as Lululemon points out in “The Paradox of Connection“, we may be establishing or relying on purely superficial relationships.

Also, my apologies to my friend Sam for sending the above skeeball picture to myself immediately after it was taken, just so I could have it on Instagram.  Apparently that was her intent as well.  Oops.

IMG_1214 ^^ Thank goodness for being back in NYC and having access to countless Juice Press shops.  Green is the new black and every Saturday means #willrunforjuice time. (also notice the fitbit has returned!!! The old fitbit is roaming around New York City)

IMG_1227 ^^ What do you know, we actually went into Brooklyn for this view 🙂 Hanging out with some girlfriends who either stem from California or went to school in California.  #westcoastlove

Yes I always say I am on a sugar cleanse .  Yes I will still want to visit every single NYC sweets stops.  Thank you Pure Wow for making me drool over the best sweets in every NYC neighborhood. Thankfully I’ve already checked of Levain Bakery, People’s Pops, Bread’s Bakery, and City Bakery.  Only 25 to go.  Anyone interested in testing out the vegan Peace Food Cafe with me?

talenti^^ Speaking of sweets, who doesn’t love Talenti?  I saw this link on Facebook and Refinery29 called “Flavorize Me” where you submit information based on your social networks (just sign your life away to technology already) and it spits out your personal flavor.  Our apartment is slightly obsessed and I have to say, an added bonus of eating so much gelato is the fact that we can use the container for leftovers or overnight oats!  Sadly I haven’t had gelato in almost 7 months but then maybe that’s for the better.  #bikiniseason

Why does eating “healthy” have to be so complicated?  Greatist is rolling out some 19 foods that we think are healthy but are often quite the scam.  So sad, so sad.

IMG_1251 ^^ Maybe if I pair running w/ eating sugar, it’s ok?  Everything in moderation.  Running nine miles to enjoy this brown butter donut + ice cream sandwich?  Worth it.

For those times that I had to hit snooze or straight-up missed my alarms this week –  Greatist’s take on snooze vs. working out.  Normally I am up and at ’em, working out before sitting on my rear all day at work.  But, when the lack of sleep starts to affect my attitude, concentration and will power, it’s time to reevaluate my sleep patterns.  It’s also good to note that athletic performance can and often will suffer with too little sleep.


^^ Does living in the city for 2 years count?  I hear that you are really supposed to live in a city for 7 or 8 years before you become a “citizen” or resident but I doubt I would ever be accepted into the east coast blood.  Plus that would mean abandoning my California ways.  (aka owning more colored pieces of clothing than black and inserting “dude” or “stoked” into some of my sentences…no shame)

Pure Wow ~ “10 Quintessential Books About New York

soap making

Wouldn’t this ^^ make for a fun afternoon?  Too bad the price tag was a bit hefty.  One day, one day.

~ Some other  Links Link-up Love ~

SMOOTHIE SMOOTHIE SMOOTHIE ~ Well + Good’s “35 Healthy Smoothie Bowl Recipes” ~ Can I please have a Ninja blender installed in my office?

Women’s Running ~ “I May Never Run A Personal Best Again” (There does come a point in time where we may not PR with every race, but that doesn’t mean we have to be disappointed)

Today Pop Culture ~ “Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Fallon read terribile texts from guys” (yay for our generation)


Are you ready for the weekend?  Any solid plans?

“In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.”
– Thomas Jefferson

7 thoughts on “Life of Late ~ 7.24.15

  1. Woooo summer Fridays! Since we can’t take advantage of them the way most departments can, we get a random half day every week to make up for it. Plus, I am usually out around 3 on Fridays so it’s always a win. I saw that Talenti Flavorize Me but I didn’t like my flavor very much. I don’t get how it decides! I’m really trying to reign in my sugar consumption but it’s pretty much a lost cause haha I guess it’s just one of those things that makes me happy and that’s just another part of a healthy lifestyle. Or at leastt that’s what I tell myself 😉

  2. Sooooo ready for the weekend. I know most my friends have summer Fridays but I unfortunately do not… darn healthcare haha. No big plans for me just relaxing and enjoying some outside time : ) Totally had to do the Flavorize Me and I got White Truffle Brioche Hoisin … I have no idea what that means, but apparently I’m more “sweet” than anything else LOL.

  3. I have missed getting to know more NP people this summer, I’ll be happy to return in the fall (but also don’t want that to arrive too soon because post-bar I am going to make the most of my break!) But I’m glad we became friends before my hiatus 🙂 And you know how much of an NYC-er I am, but I definitely own WAY more pink than black!

  4. love the NYC skylines … and nothing better than juice + that doughnut! they balance each other out! 🙂


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