Manhattan Wanderings ~ Summer in July

This weekend was filled with all of my favorite things – working out, good food, and fabulous company.  As mentioned last week, my “Friday night” was actually on Thursday, so that meant double round of skeeball.  Friday and Saturday were filled with activities that took me all over Manhattan and Brooklyn.  I do think I need to take a bit more time to rest as all these city explorations leave me a bit drained.  But, seeing as it is the “City That Never Sleeps”, it doesn’t look like that will be happening any time soon. 

IMG_1296 ^^ Free popsicles in the east village?  Why yes please.  Coconut actually was one of those types of food that I tried to avoid as a child.  Well, with due time and a change in palate, it has soon become one of my favorites.


^^ So we worked out on a boat.  That doesn’t happen too often.  I had ever intention of waking up at 5 to run down to the South Street station but after missing 3 alarms and finally rolling out of bed around 5:25, a cab was in order.  Guess it’s no longer “free fitness”.

IMG_1305^^ But working out for these views is always worth it.


^^ Isn’t this funny? Workout and then go inhale every baked good in sight.  That or reverse the method – eat and then sweat all the good sugary stuff out.

Well, post NP workout, a few people went to grab bagels and I decided to tag along.  I wasn’t really in the bagel mood so I decided to wander my way north and stumbled upon this gem of a shop.  Funny story, I was peaking into Baked to see if there was anything drool worthy and as I was leaving, ran into my November Project friend and fellow blogger (actually huge blogger…I definitely wanted to meet her when I attended my first NP workout) Ali was running out and raved about the banana bread.  No lie, it was one of the best pieces of banana bread I’ve ever had.

IMG_1321^^ I also decided to make it a bucket-list type of day and test out one of the famous coffee shops on my list.  Cold brew coffee from a bottle, not too shabby.  After a shower and quick change, I headed out to Union Square and ultimately spent the afternoon wandering Coney Island.

IMG_7682 IMG_1378^^ Celebrating Zara’s 24th at Gallow Green, which is quite possibly my FAVORITE spot in the city right now.  It definitely wins for cutest rooftop that’s for sure. (p.s. absolutely in love with this dress from Levi’s – a little bit of west coast casual in this busy city)


^^ Located on the far west side of 27th street is Gallow Green.  It’s also located atop the famous Sleep No More or interactive theatre piece.  The atmosphere and decor is unmatched.  Not to mention the creative titles and combinations of their cocktail list.  It may air on the pricier side but boy is it worth it.

IMG_1361After a long few days, I decided to call it quits early on Saturday night (ok, 10:30 isn’t really “early”) and ended up sleeping for a full 10 hours.  TEN HOURS PEOPLE.  That’s unheard of.  Straight up evidence that I was exhausted.  

IMG_1386 ^^ Sunday morning run on the Highline was JUST what I needed.  My legs have been feeling a bit sore (not sure why) but a shake-out along the west side on a glorious sunny morning set my mood for the day and week.


^^ Al knows what’s up


^^ Of course discovering a reasonably priced acai bowl (quite possibly the best tasting one in the city) for post-run fueling is an added bonus.

The rest of the day was spent with some blogging, stretching, and catching a double feature at the 34th street AMC.  Originally we thought we were going to be hit with a freak rainstorm, thus going to see a movie (or two) made complete sense.  But while we managed to have 100% sunshine, we still decided to sit back and have a relaxing day. Films of choice?  Trainwreck and Magic Mike XXL – uhhhhmazing if I do say so myself.

So, onto the week we go.  We’ve got one more week in July and I’m already listing out all the things I would like to do this week and upcoming weekend 🙂  Bachelorette finale tonight, restaurant week in full swing, some more skeeball, and scatter some workouts in between.  Any good plans for your week or summer in general?

“I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be.” – Groucho Marx


11 thoughts on “Manhattan Wanderings ~ Summer in July

  1. Your weekends are so fun! I seriously don’t know how you do it. But you are one of the few people who really make the most of the city you live in and have seen just about everything! I’m sad NP_BAL doesn’t work out on a boat. Just saying 😉

    • Funny to see a recap because it does look more packed that I had thought! Oh you should TOTALLY lead a work out either in Baltimore or on your boat 🙂

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