A Summer Afternoon at the Met

Living in one of the greatest and certainly most condensed cities in the world has its perks.  Decent mass transit options (waaaay better than Los Angeles), a wide variety of food (gourmet for days) and not to mention the vast amount of art and culture found in various museums and street corners.   Well, last Friday I met up with a couple of friends and we decided to go wander the Met.  Now how’s that for a young adult outing?  Quite fancy and sophisticated, I know.

Many thanks to my work badge for comping the entrance fee.  This means I can just pop in as often as I please without breaking the bank.  To be honest, I haven’t taken advantage of this and have only been to the Met two or three times in my life – once with my family about 10 or so years ago sooooo I better get on that.  Anyways, while I was able to enter “for free” it’s always nice to submit a donation, just so we can ensure these gorgeous works of art are around for years to come.


^^ a little replica or take on Granada’s Alhambra (which actually does look a little like this)

^^Alcazaba in Granada, Spain

IMG_7600^^ One of the current exhibitions – China Through the Looking Glass

IMG_7606 ^^ Impressionism is hands down the best (at least in my eyes)


^^ We happened to stumble upon free drawing sessions at 6:30 so of course we partook.  I used to take art class once a week and absolutely loved it.  It’s been ages since I’ve had that outlet and after sitting for a mere 30 minutes, I realized how soothing and relaxing art can be!


^^ Next stop, the Met Rooftop (a touristy place but with such a great view)

IMG_7613 IMG_7615 IMG_7617

^^ Aqueduct (because when at the Met…)

IMG_7619 IMG_7621

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”

Metropolitan Museum of Art
1000 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028
~ Events ~ Visit ~ Exhibitions ~

3 thoughts on “A Summer Afternoon at the Met

  1. Glad you enjoyed one of my favorite places in NYC (when it’s not too crowded!) My favorite wing is the second floor off in the corner, the 18/19th C. European, followed by the American Wing with the Churches and Coles 🙂

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