Life of Late ~ 7.31.15

Here we are at an end of another month and a summer month at that.  Luckily for us the humidity hasn’t been too gnarly.  In fact, I have even experienced some fabulous 70F mornings where you may even need a sweater before heading out the door.  What I soon found with those types of mornings is that it’s safe to leave the sweater at home because soon enough, the humidity comes out in full force and you are sweating glistening through every single layer.  No complaints as it beats winter any day.

IMG_1401^^ Pumped for the weekend?  How about August?  My coworker traveled to Machu Picchu last week and I put in a request for a llama picture.  I may have a slight obsession with llamas, especially since one of the three YouTube videos I watch is Llamas with Hats 2.

IMG_1384 ^^ This summer has been filled with glorious runs outside, but this was the first time back to the Highline in quite some time.  So neat that they extended the path to 34th street!

IMG_1367 ^^ Casual concert going on in the subway system.  Got to love New York

IMG_1381 ^^ Celebrating a new friend’s birthday (but with my birthday buddy Melissa!!) and yes, we are all about the arm pose. #noshame


^^ Walking through parks never gets old

IMG_1167 ^^ Again, artwork in every direction.  This is at Madison Square Park, a path I used to visit at least once a day when I would go to 24 Hour Fitness gym.  I still love the Flatiron area and try to make it back there as much as possible.


One of my friends at November Project just completed her first Ironman.  We are all unbelievably impressed, inspired, and overjoyed for her.  I seriously would love to train for one someday, but that actually means taking the time and putting in the effort.  One day, one step at a time.

~ Links that I love ~

Sometimes Always Never Blog ~ “Five Truths about Friendships in Your 20s” ~ I don’t know how Whitney’s posts always seem to be delivered just when I need them.  Her words speak to what I am thinking and feeling. Spot on.

Camille Styles ~ “How to Start the Day on a Happy Note” (might mean getting more sleep…definitely something I need to work on)

Career Girl Daily ~ “5 Tips for Making Friends in Your 20’s

WSJ ~ “Secrets From Triathlon Training: How to Find Extra House in the Day” (No joke, it’s tough stuff.  I failed to put in the adequate training during college and noticed the effects during races.  When I get back into it, it will have to be a little more consuming, but there’s a time and place for everything)

NY Times ~ “The Pressure of Perfection” – Not to be a debby downer, just a reminder that the social comparison theory is real and in our world of social media, these comparisons often occur with carefully curated depictions that don’t provide the full picture.

The New Yorker ~ “Experiments in Sobriety

Refinery29 ~ “Tips for Becoming a Boss From 34 of NYC’s Most Powerful Women” – Endless words of wisdom! { ~ Keep digging/learning ~ Make friends with everyone ~ Follow your heart, trust your gut, work hard, & be kind ~ Don’t forget to listen ~Stop worrying about your career path and ‘what’s next (Well + Good founders)~}


^^ Exploring the east village crepe game with some fellow Thetas.  Obviously doing a great job at the whole #bikiniseason and #sweatingforsummer thing.  I’ve got the sweat part down at least >>

11792027_964531706903420_5555087727916837690_o^^ This week’s bridge day was BRUTAL.  Let’s hope some yoga and compression socks have me ready for this weekend’s NYRR team championship 5 miler.  No pressure…ok some pressure.

IMG_1375^^ Heading out with some new pals to the Frying Pan.  1) Did you know tomorrow is “National Girlfriends Day”?  2) Still obsessed with that Levi’s dress.  Get out there and celebrate!

Any tips for things to do in August in NYC?  I’m hoping to make it to a beach in the near future – some sun, sand, and ocean water would be just perfect.

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