Balance the Ups and Downs

Today hasn’t started off on the best foot.  It may not be the best idea that I wake up and immediately check all forms of social media and communication rather than allowing my brain to process the day.  Anyways, I woke up before my alarm but still feeling exhausted.  I jogged over (verrrrry slowly) to the track only to get splashed on by cars on the FDR.  Apparently there had been some big storm during the night leaving oodles of water along the road.  You know the opening scene from Sex In The City where Carrie gets splashed by the bus?  Yeah, it definitely was a little like that, except I wasn’t dressed in a bright pink tutu.


Photo credit to my friend Emma

Well, mile warmup, 4x800s, and cool down later, I was back in the apartment, showered, slightly frustrated with my closet but settled on a favorite combo – classic pants and flowery JCrew blouse, and was out the door.  I may have left a tad bit later than planned but didn’t expect to have such a nasty subway commute. Let’s just say I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the 90-minute bumper to bumper traffic in Los Angeles when I drove from Pasadena to Santa Monica.  It was hot in the subways, the L train was running on a delay, and people were shoving you in every single direction.  Not cool New York, not cool.

But, as I got to work, I started to think, I could either let this string of events ruin my day, or I could take it in stride and turn things around.  (A friend re-wrote this advice this morning and it triggered this post) Before I get upset, I thought, will matter in a week? a month? a year? five years?

Lucky for me I didn’t miss my alarm and was able to run with friends on the East River track.  I was able to watch a portion of the Today Show while getting ready, something I used to do when I lived at home during the summers and LOVED. (I wonder why I didn’t watch more during college when I had the time…).  I have a stable job that I enjoy and I have friends at work, which makes the 8+ hours also worthwhile.  Life is all about balance.  There will be ups and downs.  Some of that you control and some of it just happens.  I know that I need to work out in the morning to set the tone for the day – my attitude, my eating, etc.  It’s one line of therapy and that works for me.

I do want to make a concerted effort to check social media less.  I have a feeling it spurs the little demon of jealousy (who accomplished this, traveled there, etc) or FOMO.  I want to put more effort into my daily job and absorb more of the information that I am working with – the websites, the methods of sales and networking.  I want to leave the day or even the week feeling accomplished and not scatter brained.  I know that every day will not be the greatest. I know that every week won’t be the best week of my life.  Heck, I know that there are probably 9 out of 10 runs that will simply suck.  But, here’s to living each life to the fullest, no matter how you define that.

My friend Elizabeth Eddy, who has the opportunity to play professional women’s soccer is the perfect example of living life to the FULLEST (as in I don’t know how she does it and fits it all in). She is so positive and encouraging and rarely looks back.  When she isn’t playing soccer, she is sailing, exploring, and running a charity backpack company called Material By Wovens on Etsy.

How’s this for a purpose statement? “Living life to the fullest. Loving life. Life is better together. Weaving life together since 2015. Be alive.” (source)

Not much to this post, but letting the web know that not every day may not be sunshine and daisies, but it’s a blessing to be alive and well. Oh and today in history, Elvis Presley released the single “Hound Dog”.



9 thoughts on “Balance the Ups and Downs

  1. Love this. I definitely have those days. We all do. It’s how we handle them that matters. Besides, the end of the week is going to be 10000000000x better 🙂

  2. What a wonderful positive reminder. You can’t choose what happens but you can choose your attitude. (My mom always says that to me…) Haha. Hope you have a fabulous day!

  3. Love this and love you 🙂 We both know I’ve also dealt with feeling like this but I think checking social media like WAY LESS while studying for the bar actually really helped me get to terms with enjoying what my own life is rather than FOMO-ing out!

    • Thank you for this perfectly timely post this a.m. While I don’t run and maybe never did your point of view is right on regardless. My day is already better thanks to your post.

      • Great call on starting your day watching the Today Show while getting ready. I kind of love having that background noise on, but I don’t normally listen to anything when I’m getting ready! Trying to brainstorm how to incorporate that into my routine now 😉 Love ya, hope tomorrow is a better day!

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