Life of Late ~ 8.7.15


Isn’t that the truth!  Welcome to Friday.  Today happens to be one of those randomly assigned summer Fridays, so I took the bus out of the city last night and into Baltimore to hang out with my friend Sarah for the first part of the weekend.  I brought along a shirt with me to hopefully get tagged by the November Project Baltimore tribe because the crab stamp is  #traverbal


Also, I have to note that I seem to be losing part of my mind.  I do re-read my posts to make sure there are no grammar errors (ok sometimes the proof-reading comes after it’s published…oops) and often edit and update 2 or 3 times.  Well, there are a few mistakes in the last posts that have been bugging me.  1) Carrie from Sex In The City had a white tutu skirt and pink top, not pink tutu.  2) We ran 4x800 not 400s.  My legs were mad at me for writing only 400. 3) The tasty bread that I was supposed to try at Baked a few weeks back was PUMPKIN not banana.  Although, to be fair, I like to keep holidays kosher and eating pumpkin outside of fall just didn’t seem right.  I promise I’ll go back in two months to test it out.


^^ Last week’s HOT AND HUMID NYRR Team Championships.  We totally dominated.  Actually I don’t know what place we came in but was stoked with the turnout.  Actually the race sucked (at least for me – going out too fast = no bueno)  Also, while other teams had their little matching get-ups, we rocked the course with our outrageous colors and personal style.  Apparently someone overheard a bystander say “wow, that November Project is really taking over”.  You BET.


^^ The Sports Bras of NP.  Or as our friend Jeanie likes to call them, the “Tata-tamers” Gosh I love November Project.


^^ Post-race and post-Juice Press run food at Little Collins on 56th and Lexington.  Go there.  Adorable little Australian cafe with some of the most scrumptious avocado smashed toast.  If I had been craving something sweet (shocker that I wasn’t), I would have gone for the muesli or “Sweet Uncle Fred” (toasted banana bread with ricotta, strawberries, honey, and toasted almonds)

Little Collins
667 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10022


^^ Because flowers and farmers markets are some of my favorite things

~ Other Favorites ~ ~ “22 Things You Can Make in Your Waffle Iron” – Because waffles trump pancakes. Duh.

How to Start a Movement (November Project)

Thrillist ~ “What I Miss Most: Suburban Supermarkets” – Oh the days where I could use a cart and wander for at least 30 minutes without worrying if I would 1) hit anyone 2) have to wait an hour to check out 3) just wander, just simply wander

Zen Habits ~ “Worried About What You’re Not Doing

Well + Good (obsessed with this site) ~ “What happens when a chef adds kale to burgers, cocktails, and ice cream” (ummm, goodness) But really, a new restaurant in NYC called By Chloe.  I SO want to test this menu out.  The guacamole burger (w/ black bean-quinoa-sweet potato patty, chipotle aioli, corn salsa, and guacamole) and the ice cream flavors sound divine.

By Chloe
185 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10012

IMG_1517 ^^ On Sunday I met up with a friend from NP (who also has the same birthday!) and we navigated our way to Jacob Riis Beach out in Queens.  There may have been some issues with public transportation and the fact that subways were running on weekend schedules.  Buuuut, we made it and relaxing on the sand and enjoying the surf was oh-so-fabulous.  I may have gotten a tad bit burned, but I’m going to blame this thing called a full-time job where I sit under flourescent lights instead of the sun.

Definitely want to check out a few of the beaches along the Rockaways, maybe the Hamptons one day (dream on…) and this little bazaar at Jacob Riis. Just a hour+ outside the city and it’s a whole new world.

IMG_1537^^ Morning run view on the East River.  Note to self: always live near water so you can get views like this.


summit course

^^ The countdown is on for our Endurance Challenge Race in Utah.  This would be the course summary.  Wow.  This will be a shock to the system that’s for sure.

IMG_1497^^ Go Team Manhattan Mountain Goats (missing our pal Sam!) ~ This is what happens when someone asks you to pose like a goat.  Yeah, I don’t know what was happening either.

So what’s new with you?  Any fun plans for the weekend or this fine summer month?

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Seuss


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