NYC Restaurant Week ~ Tavern on the Green

Well, here we are with round number two of NYC”s Restaurant Week.  The last time I wrote, we had just indulged in a Spanish affair from Soccarat.  This time, we headed up north to the Upper West Side to dine at the famous Tavern on the Green.  Established back in 1934, the restaurant operated up until 2009 under a variety of owners, was utilized as a public visitors center until 2012, and then reopened as a restaurant once more in 2014.


Did you know that before 1934 it was actually a sheepfold – where they housed the park sheep?   Thankfully there have been a number of renovations between 1870 and now.

IMG_1731^^ Similar to our meal at Soccarat, we had the $38 three-course price fix menu.  We also decided on a whim to go for the  wine pairings as well since $20 for three drinks seemed like a steal in New York.  Looking back, I probably would have gone without the drink pairings since I’m not a huge fan of Chardonnay and don’t usually drink during the week anyways.  But, it was nice for the experience and hey, I never have to try port again. 😉

IMG_1734^^ Who wouldn’t want to soak up the summer evening with a patio like this?  One of my favorite touches was the soft sound of music throughout the patio.  It had more of a jazz or blues vibe, mostly Michael Bublé and Bing Crosby (actually not sure how they are categorized) but certainly helped all cares and worries drift away.

IMG_1809^^ My selection of the watermelon + feta salad.  Who knew that yellow watermelon existed?  Paired with some balsamic vinegar and medley of olives, it was a nice start to the meal.

IMG_1808 ^^ Lindsay and Jenn went for the smashed avocado toast, which was probably the better value for an appetizer.

IMG_1807^^ Sure, it would have been smart to each order something different so we could sample the fare, but we were all set on the chicken, so chicken it was! (chicken pomodoro with fennel and olive oil potato puree).

IMG_1810 ^^ Jenn went for the second option (rum raisin carrot cake)



^^ Ending the night with a blurry but tasty treat (spiced peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream).  I think I had envisioned something grander or at least larger buuuut this was a very well plated and since it was Tavern, I would expect something packaged in such a fancy manner (rather than dumped into a bowl at a BBQ) 😉

Tavern on the Green
67th Street & Central Park West
Lunch: 11a-3p ~ Midday: 3p-5p ~ Dinner: 5p-11p ~ Late Night: 11p-1a
Brunch: 9a-3p Saturday & Sunday
~ About ~ Reservations ~ Menu ~

Fun fact is that Tavern on the Green is located next to the finish line of the New York City Marathon!


3 thoughts on “NYC Restaurant Week ~ Tavern on the Green

  1. My first trip to NYC included lunch there, and while it was great, I don’t have a huge desire to go again since there are SO MANY places to check out. My dad loves port, and I am decidedly not a fan. But $20 for the pairings is a good deal, so I don’t blame you for going for it!

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