Life of Late ~ 8.21.15

Has this been a rough week for you?  I know it shouldn’t be given that we are nearing the end of August and it’s summer, which means not a lot of work happens and people are savoring the last of their vacations.  Boy, those were the days when we had free time but always took it for granted.  I’m feeling a little bit of the city itch, not much to explore in terms of trails and hikes, but that’s ok because in a couple short weeks, I’ll be traveling down to Charleston for some good time exploring.  Yes, I know it’s more of city than mountains, but a change of scenery is always a good thing.

You know there are days where I spent at least an hour on LinkedIn.  It could be considered professional stalking, but really it’s just me curious about how everyone got to where they are today.  I always am fascinated about different companies and professions, which is helpful when I still don’t know what my “dream job” would be.  Something surrounded by a good product (maybe in the health and wellness industry) and something with a great team dynamic. Thoughts for a Type A or ESFJ personalities?


^^ Maybe I need to get involved in this adult coloring book trend and chill out.  Or maybe conversely, find a few more projects to get involved in.

IMG_1844^^ Somewhat blurry but somewhat gastronomically divine.  Trader Joe’s pizza dough + figs + prosciutto + ricotta = game changer.


^^ Sometimes walking around the streets of Manhattan leaves me perplexed.  Why did someone create this on their apartment building?

manhattan subway

^^ Hilarious take on the Manhattan subway map (you might need to zoom in to see the text)

My Domaine ~ “12 Things You Should Do Every Time You Travel

Elite Daily ~ “The Normal Girl: What Happens When You’re Neither ‘Crazy’ Nor ‘Basic’ “(Truth)

Buzzfeed ~ Dog A Day Daily Newsletters (DONE!)

Business Insider ~ “The 14 Smartest Purchases to Make in Your 20’s” (new experiences, investments, and a laptop CHECK!  A good mattress and my own insurance…ooph)

Ad Age ~ “Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte: Now with Real Pumpkin Spice(And now I’m officially excited about fall.  Sure, this may be a little more sugar than I need to start my morning but hey, with real pumpkin and now Starbuck’s coconut milk, I’d say this PSL is going to be my go-to weekend coffee treat!)

Ad Age ~ “Snapchat Discover is Averaging Just 2.5 Ads a Day (How many of you use Snapchat?  It’s a fascinating and quickly emerging product and I’m curious to watch its growth.  Our society is obsessed with sharing pretty much every moment of their life.  I fall between wanting to document everything and then trying to stay away from social media as a means of technology detoxing.  I have to say, while it’s fun to create a Snapchat story, it sure does drain my iPhone 5C battery.)

IMG_1801 Riddle me this.  I love to work out and I love to craft.  Neither of those things will really get me a full time job because let’s face it – I will never be an elite status athlete (nor do I really want the pressures to compete) and there are far too many niches being filled already in the craft industry.  Thanks to Pinterest and Etsy, there are so many crafts being offered to make and sell!

IMG_1799IMG_1795^^ What you will find just walking around Manhattan

IMG_1772^^ Last Saturday marked my 1 year NP-versary or anniversary of going to November Project in the city!  What’s funny to me is when I arrived on this day – all the way on the upper upper west side – I did not know a single person.  Today I can pretty much name off all the people in the above picture.  I’m pretty sure we were celebrating the engagement of one of the NPers, hence everyone holding up the ring hand.  Good times.


^^ Brunch at Sweet Chick (mostly drawn to the shirts that are spun off the Los Angeles Dodgers logo).  Hope always goes for the classic fried chicken + waffles, but I went with the sweet route, berry waffle topped with ricotta…mmmmmmm

IMG_1797^^ I think we didn’t actually eat until 1:30 or 2, but eggs and a waffle were more than necessary on this Sunday afternoon.  Breakfast food is always acceptable, no matter what time of day.  Also waffles > pancakes (even if all the health articles tell you otherwise)


^^ Wandering around SOHO waiting for our brunch reservation.  Oh, you know, that way-too-expensive-hipster-SOHO-style


^^ On Wednesday I decided to test out the land of rollerblading.  My friend and I walked into the skate store and I’m sure were a hilarious sight for the sales associates.  Well, point of the story is that I’m glad I tried something new – sometimes I feel like I am acting way beyond my years and getting too situated or sedentary.  But, I’m also glad that I’m old enough to never really have to do this again.  This was my face for a solid hour and a half and the last hill around 80th on the west side was not my friend.  End of story.

With that, I’m hoping to run this weekend, go to dinner at a new (for me) Indian restaurant in the east village, and maybe check out a museum or two.

What are your plans for the weekend? 


6 thoughts on “Life of Late ~ 8.21.15

  1. Ahhhh I WANT TO GO ROLLER BLADING!!! When I don’t live in a city like Baltimore… totally making it happen. And you know I’m the same as you on linked in. I keep coming across my “Dream job” but then can’t bring myself to apply because I feel like the time isn’t right. Le sigh. Have a great weekend!!

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