Equinox – My Home Away From Home + Free Pass for Readers!

It’s no surprise that I have fallen in love with Equinox.  If you have been around the blog for awhile or know me well, I love to work out.  As a matter of fact, besides my college gym, I didn’t think that I would be one to sign up and pay for a gym.  You have the roads outside and a bike if need be.  But let me take a step back in my gym-fitness journey.  When I moved back in 2013, I decided to bite the bullet and signed up for 24 Hour Fitness.  There were three locations in the city, one of which was close to my work at the time (and a decent walk from my apartment) and the second was later close (closer) to work and served as a good shower spot after November Project workouts.

I mainly utilized the gym for its classes, fell in love with my schedule – a 30/60/90 class on Wednesday nights, a spin class with an epic playlist, a Saturday morning bootcamp class, etc.  I made some friends (mostly surface level, but still – for a girl who didn’t know a soul in the city, this was progress) by going to the same classes week after week, and even joining a group on Tuesday and Thursday nights for TRX training.  The showers were decent and it meant that even with a crowded apartment, I rarely had to worry about waiting for a shower (if I timed it correctly).  I even found that the midtown location had an indoor lap pool!  Nothing like the Rose Bowl lap pool in Pasadena or my college pool at Santa Clara, but for the city, it was a nice find.

Well, things worked out for awhile, but it started to become a hassle when I would have to travel uptown to workout, downtown to shower and out to the west side for work.  Even worse was when NP worked out on the west side, then back to the east to shower, and back to the west for work.  (noting that this are first world problems and I give full credit and props to people making much longer and strenuous commutes).  It was a slight hassle, but doable.

You might be wondering where I’m going with this.  How does a shower and commute have to do with a gym membership.  Well, hold tight.

Back around late March and early April, I started asking my friends at work if they wanted to go to lunch.  They kept deferring my invitation, saying that they were actually going to work out at lunch.  What?  A group of people who like to use their lunch out to do more than sit?  Sign me up!


No really.  I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for an Equinox membership.  Turns out it wasn’t much more than my 24 Hour membership and had oodles more locations (including one in my building!!), fresh and fluffy towels galore, chilled towels for during/post workouts, and an endless array of classes to choose from.

Yes, the classes.  This is pretty much the BEST part of Equinox.  I took my fare share of classes at 24 Hour Fitness and sampled out Class Pass for a month or so.  There is no comparison.  The level of teachers, the facilities, and the wide range of options is UNBELIEVABLE.  Seriously though.  I have my Equinox App set to my three favorite locations – Greenwich Village, 19th Street, and Columbus Circle, and have a tough time decided each week which classes I want to take and which classes I’ll have to miss.  I even tested out the Pasadena location when I was home back in July.

From spin to barre burn and pilates and Metcon.  No joke, it is a class enthusiast’s dream.  I’ve narrowed down some of my favorites and settled into a routine – spin and barre burn on Mondays, a fabulous yoga class on Thursdays, and so on.

This might sound obsessive but let’s refer back to the top.  I like to workout, it’s my personal “me” time, and it gets me in a good mood.  You want a happy Kaitlin, right?  No, I rarely cancel plans to work out, so all is good in the neighborhood.  (no canceling of plans unless it means raging until all hours of the morning, forcing me to either not sleep much or force me to miss my morning class…that’s where I draw the line.  I deem that as normal, some may think that’s just missing out on all the good times you can have when you’re young.  Agree to disagree)

I’m all about that “free fitness” but sometimes you just need to pamper yourself a little.  You only have one life, make it a good one.  So, if you made it to the end, here’s a free-trial for all the California Endless Summer readers!!



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