Life of Late ~ 8.28.15

LAST SUMMER FRIDAY OF 2015! Wow.  That went fast.  Of course there have been days where it feels as though the clock will never tick past 5:30, but I honestly can’t believe that it’s already Labor Day next weekend.  The month of August hasn’t been too brutal in terms of temperatures.  I had my fair share of travels, NP workouts, bumps and bruises (hello scar from rollerblading), and it’s almost time for a new month.  While I am sad to see the summer go, simply because the idea of summer stands for sun, time outside, and just overall happiness, I am excited for football, pumpkin season, and quite a few trips that I have in store.

But, that’s still four weeks away.  Until then, we summer on.


Best days are days spent wandering the local farmer’s markets.  I’ve been a little scared to actually purchase anything – throwback to the time I almost purchased a sandwich-bag-sized-bag for $20 (yeah no).  I stick to Trader Joe’s and the street carts, but still, aren’t the colors gorgeous?


IMG_7709 Who says I don’t need another plaid or gingham shirt?


When you find yourself wandering through a new farmer’s market in Rockefeller Center.  These are the days I have to pinch myself and remind myself that I am so darn lucky to live here.

IMG_7711 IMG_7712Welcome to New York.  But really, if you use Challah for french toast, your mind will explode.  It’s quite possibly some of the best french toast I have ever had.


The Balanced Blonde ~ “Social Media Maven Calli Cholodenko

Women’s Running ~ “7 Laws You Might Be Breaking on Your Run” (ahhhhh guilty of so many of these. oops)

Food 52 ~ “22 Hits From the 90’s” (crazy how accurate these 90’s food trends are!)

Refinery 29 ~ “The Anti-Skinny Jeans You’ll Be Wearing This FallWHITE JEANS IN FOR THE WIN!

College Prep ~ “Six Things Living in NYC” This gal does have some excellent points – moderation is key, a smile goes a long way, etc.  Plus the #6 happens to be my favorite 😉

The Well Traveled Wife ~ “Leave Each Place Better Than You Find It” – I simply am in love with Emi’s blog.  She has always had a lovely way of documenting her days back in SF and now her and her husband’s travels.  I love how this post is thoughtful and also reflective.  We all share the best of the best on our blogs, but there is so much than what meets the eye.  Check it out and their non-profit!


Because a little more cold brew and chocolate KIND bar is just what I need on a Friday afternoon.  Energy has been running low lately – possibly due to the lack of sleep and over-exercising (or so my friends and mom say…they are all probably right)

IMG_2003Picnics are so under-rated.  I can’t believe this is only the second picnic I have had all summer (and maybe the last 10 years??).  We had a picnic party (with beyond delicious fruit and brownies/doughnuts…#carboload) for one of our November Project friends who will be traveling the country with his Broadway production.  I think his is a stage manager or something super fancy but to be honest, all the Broadway and theatrical talk goes right over my head.  We will miss you SO MUCH Michael!!!


Summer vibes + cotton candy clouds ~ Like I said, summer evenings and picnics in the park need to happen way more often or at least as much as possible before fall and winter arrive!

I think it’s human nature to reach a point where we still have things on our summer to-do lists and have to accept the fact that they may not happen this year.  But, instead of looking at what we didn’t accomplish, let’s just be grateful for what was achieved.  Sound good?  I’ll keep y’all as my accountabilibuddies.  As for today, with a November Project Friday workout, long run, and breakfast under my belt, here’s to the weekend and end of August!

Any good plans for the weekend or Labor Day or your summer hurrah?


8 thoughts on “Life of Late ~ 8.28.15

  1. I love seriously every detail of this post and all that you shared … especially flattered to be mentioned! You are the sweetest!

    ps I want a picnic now (and #carboload for life! 🙂

  2. You lost me at Challah French Toast. It’s my favorite- closely tied with Brioche bread. We’re on our second to last summer Friday and I am so so sad. I don’t even want to think about the fact that I’ll be working until 6 or 7 on Fridays from now on.

  3. So much fun. I wish we had more Farmer’s Markets around here!! So many good eats. I don’t have any big plans for Labor Day weekend – my boyfriends getting shoulder surgery next week so I expect that we will be laying low! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

  4. Haha Challah French Toast is just an NYC thing I guess, it’s how I always saw it made! Happy you’ve been enjoying summer, I’m so excited to get to your side of the country next week to extend my own 🙂 Disneyland for the Dumbo Double Dare in just 7 days!

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