Montauk ~ The End of the Line

Ah Montauk.  It’s a part of New York that I had only dreamed about going to – mostly because it’s been built up as this Atlantis-like place in my head.  A beach to beat beaches, so far out of the city that it’s practically a world of its own.   People told me that you really should make friends that have a house in the Hamptons and that it’s THE place to be in the summer, etc., etc.  Well, since finding friends in the city who have those said homes has not been easy and I’m not the type of person to keep saying “one day.”  Carpe diem.


Sure, I admit that growing up in Southern California has spoiled me in terms of which beaches I like to go to.  The sand and the sea do vary as you go up and down the coast and of course one has to gauge how public or private the beach will be, along with how many thousands of people will be scattered along the water (the hotter the day = the more people you have to fight for space).  While I didn’t spend every single weekend at the beach (probably due to some lovely soccer tournaments and other trips), we did make it a point to go down for a few Sundays.  Boy do I miss those lunches at my grandparent’s house and afternoon on the sand.  I would wander around the coves looking for sea glass and dive in the water to cool off from the hot Southern California sun.


 Well, a year after arriving in this big city, I decided it was about time to make the trek.  We woke up around 6:30 and took a cab over to Penn Station for the 7:45 LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) train.  With one stop and transfer at Jamaica Station, we were on our way out to the end of Long Island.


People told me that it takes forever to get to (please people, let’s remember I’m from L.A. aka traffic and we casually take 5 hour trips to visit Mammoth when I’m home) but that it was oh so worth it.  Oh yes INDEED.  I have been to a couple beaches out in Queens and Long Island and even Ocean City, New Jersey, but this felt just like home.  The pristine beaches, the waves, and chill in the water.  It was exactly what I needed on a fine summer afternoon.

IMG_2081We were out on the beach and dipping in and out of the water for a good two hours before it was time for a late lunch.  Of course, it being Montauk, we had to go with the classic lobster roll sandwich.


^^ Lindsay went for the classic Connecticut roll and while it was tasty, mentioned it fell just below our lobster roll at the Polo Bar and Restaurant.  Hm, good to know Ralph Lauren has his food priorities straight.

FullSizeRender^^ I decided to go rogue since lobster just isn’t my scene.  I’ll do salmon, I’ll do tuna, and I’ll even do crab.  Lobster, clams, oysters, and shrimp I can do without. Hey, makes me an inexpensive date 😉


To top it off, we stopped by Buddha Berry for a lite refreshing treat.  Five or so flavors of sorbet packed under organic unsweetened coconut, mochi, and dark chocolate chips.  Divine, simply divine.  (maybe if I always get dessert I’m no longer an inexpensive date…)

From there, we walked the mile back to the train and boarded up for the ride back into the city.  Until we meet again Montauk (and I do hope it is soon).


“Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


8 thoughts on “Montauk ~ The End of the Line

  1. I’ve actually never been to Montauk but I’ve heard good things about it- minus the negatives for its stereotypes. I have to say though, I’m biased that there is nothing that tops the beaches of Rhode Island haha I want to go check it out sometime! We almost sailed there a few years ago with the yacht club but never ended up making it.

  2. i’m with sarah!! RI beaches >> everythingggg! but i have to admit siesta key here in florida is pretty divine. the absolute softest and coolest temperature of any sand i have every felt in my life…BUT it does have a tendency to get crazy packed on hot sunny days like you mentioned.

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