Late Summer Random Thoughts

I think it’s about time to round up some random thoughts today, don’t you agree?  Here’s to Amanda who came up with this idea to throw out all your thoughts aloud every Thursday on the web.  Enjoy 🙂

1. Being a functioning adult is tough.  I went to see the US Open on Monday and had a blast!  Though getting home at 12:45 wasn’t ideal and my decision to then run the next morning at 6:30 was even less ideal.  Then getting up at 4:50 on Wednesday to go to the 5:30 November Project was probably just stupid.  I was running on fumes during work and we all know that’s never good.  Wednesday was a day where I was grateful no one comes over to my side of the office. I just worked the day looking like a zombie.

IMG_2121 ^^ November Project does the U.S. Open

IMG_2136^^ See? Already zoned out and not paying attention.  Or just trying my best to keep up with Emma.

2. This morning (as I do every morning), I woke up and scrolled through every piece of social media that I use (email, Facebook, Instagram, etc).  I thought I was being clever when I found a post that I thought (emphasis on thought) was mis-captioned and reached out.  Granted, this was a person I met recently but there’s never a need to reach out and correct someone.  Oops.  I did.

My mom likes to call this my the whirling dervish effect (always used the phrase but for more insight into this strange swirling phenomenon, pictures here), where I don’t really think through things but act impulsively.  It’s also paired with the phrase “Kaitlin, you need to slow down”.  Anyways, thought it was ironic that I opened the AMNY paper and my horoscope was as follows:

Preview your act. You’re strong, and yet face a challenge.  A female calms a controversy.  Don’t say everything your thinking! Wait for what develops.”


3. I am obsessed with overnight oats this week.  The best combo to date (this week) has been oats, almond butter, chia/flax/cinnamon combo, goji berries, and a smashed banana.  Maybe topped with extra granola/nature valley bar crunch and a tad more nut butter.  I have a habit of stuffing my face during breakfast and coasting through the rest of the day snacking.  I don’t like lunch.


4. I’m going to Charleston this weekend and have been running through potential outfits in my head and may have already done two practice-packs.  We are supposed to get thunderstorms all weekend, so I’m not really sure how to plan for that.

5. I’ve gotten a tad bit obsessed with working out before going to work (I swear it makes my brain less foggy) but when I rolled over to my 6am alarm this morning, I knew running on fumes for 3 days in a row would be a mistake.  Yoga or sleep.  Sleep or yoga.  Cue two new alarms and 90 minutes later, I felt oodles better.  Strange how powerful sleep can be.

IMG_2125^^ Tuesday’s early morning run where the views were gorgeous but the humidity was atrocious.

6.  I tend to go through phases where I like to have a lot of contact with people, be with friends, talk with family all.the.time.  My grandma would call me “Nosy Rosy” because I was always inquiring into one thing or another.  I still would prefer that people respond to my messages (cough cough Meghan) but I have to realize how spoiled that sounds and that people actually lead lives and have things to do.  For example, Meghan is running cross country (probably leading the world as captain and senior mentor to the team), overloading on classes (at a tough college nonetheless), and trying to make the most of her senior year.  I need to cut people some slack.

Also, I’ve started to realize that while everyone is in a different part of their life, the simple act of “liking a photo” on IG or Facebook really does make you feel good.  I used to think that unless you know what’s actually happening in one another’s lives, you weren’t close.  That’s not true.  People come in and out of your lives in different methods and for different lengths of time.  Nothing is wasted experience. Again, cue the “Kaitlin, you need to slow down and relax”.  Ok.

Anything new and random in your life? Enjoy the day, carpe diem!

4 thoughts on “Late Summer Random Thoughts

  1. So many important life lessons. You know I’m on the same page. I like your mom’s description. Sometimes we need to slow down on life and just realize that we’re all going through our own things. I could use a reminder or ten to slow down. HAVE SO MUCH FUN IN CHARLESTON! That’s on my list to visit soon.

  2. Don’t be too hard/judgmental on yourself…..Everyone will be impulsive at times…..You are young;as you mature you will become less impulsive thru experience…A good self narrative is:did I hurt myself or someone else w/ my action;hurting yourself will build your character(we all do this)….hurting another will remind you to assess the situation before doing something that hurts another(we all do this too!!)Look at the big picture….you have helped many people in your life and that is what counts…..BestFellow Bronco

  3. Haha I’m loving that you’re digging the AM work outs! And I totally feel you for the struggles of adult life… like I just want to go out, have a good time and be out late on a work night without contemplating taking a nap underneath my desk the next day haha. It’s like school, except now I can get fired haha. Hope you have a fabuloussss weekend and enjoy Charleston!

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