Celebrating More Good Times in NYC ~ Year 2 ~

With that, year two is complete in the NYC.  Boom.  This happens to be the second-longest I have spent in one place (third if you count when my parents and I lived abroad in England – but I was just a baby).  As I went to write this post, I was amazed at how much has and hasn’t changed in a year.  The groups of people I hang out with, the things I like to do on the weekend (hello run + brunch), and just taking a look back at year one in the Big Apple and I already feel that much more mature and accomplished.

Most of my friends at NP joke that I’m not really the 24 year old I claim to be.  I guess that can be a good thing, right?  Some days I act wise beyond my years and maintain a bedtime of 10:30.  Other days, I continue to freak out about my future, if what I’m doing is right or enough, and all those other 20-year old stresses.  I think this post from Katie Wanders about her first year as a transplant, sums up life perfectly.  It’s not easy and there are ups and downs.  Thanks to technology, we can phone home (probably too often…sorry mom), document our adventures (but try not to get caught up in FOMO or “grass is greener” syndrome), and find pretty much any activity or job we would like.  I’ll spend another day to ramble on all of that, but for now, here’s to a fabulous two years in the city and at least one more!

Forewarning, this is a long post with LOTS of pictures.

~ FALL 2014 ~


Towards the end of my first year in the city, I started going to a little thing (or big thing) called November Project.  I’ve talked again and again how it’s been part of the glue that keeps me sane in this city.  Who knew that just showing up to one workout could really lead to so much fun?

IMG_6013Quick hop, skip, and a jump to visit my friend Laura in her San Francisco hood and then meet up with a college friend – Alexis – for a little time in Seattle.  Ok, not exactly “NYC” recap, but still, good times.

IMG_6062A little bit of time in the wilderness (hey hey Appalachian Trail!) goes a long way.  The gal directly behind me actually ended up spending three or so months on the trail hiking from one end to the next!  I think I’ll pass on that bucket list item.  Maybe portions of the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail)…maybe.

IMG_6035Paying tribute at the recently completed 9/11 Memorial


A SPLENDID trip down to Washington D.C. where I spent the weekend with my grandma Nance and family friends in Maryland. We had a hoot walking around a couple museums, soaking up some time in the suburbs, and overall hilarity that ensues with this family.

IMG_6558 That time New York recreated the Friends cafe for its anniversary.  I can now say that I have finished all most of the episodes from seasons 1 to 10.  Honestly, I got a little bored with it all and resorted to watching every other episode when one of the roommates had it on.

IMG_6553 ^^ All the pumpkin and all the Chobani.  Did you know that the SOHO store even lets you keep the bowls?? Maybe I need to make another trip soon.


Fall trip to Beantown where I was able to visit the November Project Mother Tribe for HILLS FOR BREAKFAST.  Now the question is if I can make it to the epic Wednesday Harvard Stadium workout.

IMG_6171 IMG_6212

More Boston Travels (a delightful trip around the city despite the rainy weather!)

photo 4

I LOVE SETH MYERS.  Unfortunately he is married.  But we got to see him live in person and see his show, so I still consider myself lucky.  Still working to get into see Jimmy Fallon (and one day SNL)

IMG_6904 ^^ The very first race that I ever volunteered and needless to say I am HOOKED.  I signed up as a part of November Project’s #mile14 takeover, working from 6:30ish until 2.  I was exhausted to say the least.  Of course not as tuckered out as those runners but boy, screaming and handing out water/gatorade for that long does wear you out.


IMG_7062 ^^ THE ONE AND ONLY NP PICTURE DAY.  This was around the time I really started to focus on my plantar faciitis and give it a rest.  I ran PR day and took this picture, which I love but my family members do not.  Oh well, you can’t always win.

~ WINTER 2014/2015 ~

IMG_7018 ^^ Aren’t the lights and decorations at Macy’s beautiful?  They really do make you believe there is magic during this season.  Of course not pictured (as well) are the hundreds of pushy people flocking to THE holiday store in the city.

IMG_7107 ^^ Volunteering as a seat filler (you sit down at the tables if – and only if – the very important people have to use the loo or leave) at the CNN Heroes event at the Museum of Natural History.  Outfit of the day by LOFT.  I love me some cheetah and leopard print. 🙂

IMG_7168 Nice little visit from Mom and family friends 🙂

IMG_7828~ HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM NP AND ME TO YOU ~ Let the gosh darn cold season begin.  We may be smiling above but we were freezing our rears off on the Randall’s Island footbridge.

IMG_8313Here we are at one of the many Saturday runs out of NYRR (New York Road Runners) – some of my friends in the front including miss Ali.  You know, I do love my weekend runs but I never would have given myself enough credit to go out and choose to run in the cold.  That is, unless my countless running buddies were also going along with me.   Fingers crossed we can make it work again this year!


^^ Work trip to Chicago had me thinking “ok, if I fly out Tuesday I can make it to a Wednesday AND Friday workout.  Brilliant”.  Of course it ended up being -16 on both days.  Oh fun fact – I used to think that 59F was COLD.  Yeah, good times.


Drinks out with the girls at a local speakeasy – Dear Irving.  I can thank Lindsay for moving out to the east coast and encouraging us to go out and explore more of the night life 🙂

IMG_8794 IMG_8729 ^^ My NP buddies who are ALSO born on the very best day…May 6

IMG_8962~ SPRING 2015 ~

IMG_9220 Rain or shine, November Project all the time.

IMG_6647Took a trip with the grandparents to Cape Cod.  They flew out for a little rest and relaxation on the brisk east coast and were kind enough to let me tag along.

IMG_6763 IMG_9564 Trip down to Philly for the Broadstreet 10 Miler.  Love that Alex is rocking her red, white, and blue grassroots gear.

IMG_9674 Guess what?  We are all born on the very same day (but different years).  So much love.  And on Wednesdays, we wear pink.

IMG_9933In May, I took about a week and a half to visit my sister abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark and from there, we took on Scandinavia! A little time on the roller coasters of Tivoli (Copenhagen)


IMG_0097To crushing a half marathon in Goteborgs, Sweden

IMG_0291Celebrating CNN’s 35th anniversary with free swag and a couple of my best work buddies.

~ SUMMER 2015 ~


Farmborough Country Festival ~ June 2015

IMG_0800 They say rain is a good thing.  I say thank goodness for sheltered performances.  We stuck it out under the tent until it was time for Brad Paisley to perform.  Then we ran our way across the bridge to the subway and home (completely soaked).  Got to love country.

IMG_1185 ^^ That time I decided to sign up (twice) for a skeeball league.  Not only did I perfect the art of throwing a skeeball, but I made a few solid friends along the way.  Like I said, we may not have the perfect relationships all the time, but people certainly do come into your life at different times and for different reasons.

IMG_1251 #runtoeat … 9 miles and a doughnut ice cream sandwich later

IMG_1378 ^^ Celebrating Zara’s birthday at quite possibly the most fabulous rooftop in the city – Gallow Green.  Sure, it’s in the worst location (subway wise) but too perfect with all the planters and excellent drink combinations.

IMG_1569 A trip down to Baltimore to visit a good friend. Sarah knows her stuff – running, ice cream, and how to spend a good Friday night.

IMG_1600 Best.ice.cream.cone.ever.

Mic drop.

IMG_1557 Summer isn’t complete without America’s favorite past-time.  LET’S PLAY BALL! But let’s also be realistic, if this were a National League game, I’d be rooting for my boys in blue (Dodger Blue) all the way.

IMG_1782Making the most of summer streets with Marnie.  We powered through 8-9 miles that day (a lot for me!), saw all the sights, picked up a free coconut water, and a couple of green juices.

IMG_1789Please summer, don’t leave us.


Congrats if you made it to the end of this post.  You’re a trooper.  I always enjoy looking back at my posts, my pictures, and those old-school scrapbooks.  Reminiscing and remembering, considering how things may look differently a month or few years down the line.  We change and we evolve.  We have amazing adventures and days that bore us to death.   But even though the sun sets in one area (hello gorgeous Central Park sunset), there’s still a bright new day (and year for that matter) ahead.  Let’s power on to make each moment worth our while and embrace the good as well as the not so good.

“Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones.” – Phillips Brooks

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