Labor Day in Review ~ Charleston, SC

If you have ever have the grand opportunity to visit the south, you will understand the charm that just seems to flow through the streets, greets you on every corner and brightens your day as you walk around.  The people are sweet or at least sweeter than in the uppity north east or sometimes stuffy Southern California – both places which I adore.  I even loved their enthusiasm surrounding football and how some vendors at the Rainbow Market even closed early for their beloved game day.

Well, I’ve always had the desire to travel up and down the coast, or rather set food in every single state and of course holiday weekends are prime opportunity for that.  Last year I took a couple days off and flew out to San Francisco and Seattle, which some may think as silly since I lived near SF for a good four years.  This year my friend Lindsay and I had been chatting about South Carolina and decided to make it happen.  We had our other friend Laura, who does live in SF, fly out to meet us, and even brought one of our other roommates along to explore!


No matter where I travel, I ALWAYS pack my running shoes.  No matter if its running, walking, or jogging, getting an early jaunt in helps start me on the right foot.  Plus, #runtoeat right?


IMG_2265I swear, I was taken in by the Southern drawl and the fact that everyone greets you as you run along in the morning.  I discovered a loop that took you from “Battery to Beach” and decided to make it a daily jaunt (ok, just two days but beautiful views each time)

IMG_7816IMG_7835We arrived late on Friday night and after a quick Uber ride to our place, practically crashed into bed.  It was quite a shock arriving into the South Carolina airport as there was nothing and I repeat nothing, around.  Such a stark comparison to the airline digs in Los Angeles and New York.  Hey, even the airports in Hawaii had more to them.  Although, I have to say, the humidity was quite on par with Hawaii.


Brunch at Butcher & Bee – more to come on that later – but moral of the story is always ask for a biscuit or better yet, have your huevos rancheros ON A BISCUIT!

IMG_7856 We weren’t able to rent a car thanks to the funky rental car hours (who requires that the car be returned by Saturday at 1pm??), but Uber was pretty much available 100% of the time we needed it, fairly inexpensive, especially when split among the group, and allowed us to wander to our hearts content without worrying about parking and so on.  Well, with a short Uber ride later, we were dropped off at the Rainbow Market to walk around a bit.


I’m a complete sucker for t-shirts and souvenirs.  Wandering the market was almost bad news bears for me and by the end of the weekend I ended up with a new pair of earrings (only $7!!), a recycled candle that smelled divine, a Southern Proper t-shirt, and a few different ornaments for the Christmas tree.  So many of the vendors wanted to chat with you, which was different from New York for sure!



IMG_2209Why of course the rest of the day we spent walking.  I could have walked myself silly that weekend with all the gorgeous houses Charleston has to offer.  Walking and running is my favorite way to see a new city because you get to earn all those extra tasty treats and it helps get yourself acclimated to the weather, time zone, and the layout of the city. Plus, I’m not sure about you, but I always end up stumbling upon something I wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise.

IMG_7886 IMG_2195IMG_2210Accurately named “Rainbow Row”, a southern twin of San Fran’s “Painted Ladies”


^^ Can you tell I’m obsessed with light blues and shades of turquoise?

IMG_2211^^ We shall call this the non-glamour shot.  Caught by my roommate Gaia, I look like a hot mess.  😉 See, not all perfection, trying to document everything between my eyes, my iPhone, and my camera.  Also carrying countless souvenirs…


IMG_2213 ^^ We’ll call this the ultimate glamour shot, fit for social media distribution 😉 (taken multiple times, reviewed, perfected)

IMG_7892 IMG_7894 (1)IMG_7895IMG_7897Strolling along the waterfront, gazing and drooling over all the historical and oh-so-Southern architecture.

IMG_7900 IMG_7901IMG_7911IMG_7914 Some of the upscale shopping where we did some heavy duty window browsing but refrained from dropping any sort of money.  Internal win!  I figure it’s better to pick up souvenirs from mom & pop shops, places that are unique to the area and things you can’t find at home.

IMG_7915 IMG_7918 IMG_7920Since we filled up on brunch, the next option was a quick cookie and coffee break at King Street Cookies.  Opting for the 1/2 Bakers Dozen, we each got to sample a little bit of everything.  Who said you couldn’t make sugar a meal?

King Street Cookies
370 King Street, Charleston, SC 29401
~ Mon – Thur 8am-11pm ~ Fri 8am-10pm ~ Sat/Sun 9am-10pm ~


IMG_2214Drinks at the Belmont ~ Adorable old fashioned bar with creative cocktails and where classic black & white films are shown on the sides of the walls.  Dinner was at Xio Bao Biscuit – absolutely delicious and oh so affordable.  We had planned to go to FIG but didn’t really think through the whole reservation thing and dropping in with 5 people, just didn’t seem like the way to go.  So to Xio Bao we went and what a lovely end to the day it was.


Charleston, you have been oh so kind to us.  Stay tuned for some delicious eats and two more South Carolina jaunts!

“To travel is to live” – Hans Christian Anderson

9 thoughts on “Labor Day in Review ~ Charleston, SC

  1. the carolinas is some place i NEED to spend more time. i’ve spent a little time in charlotte (not enough!) and i’ve heard such good things about Charleston! everything about the south is just so charming and the history of the area is so fascinating to me. i love the picture of ya’ll in front of the beautiful brick building with the shutters and greenery at every window! the white dresses really make it look ‘southern’ too!

  2. Looks like you guys had such a fun trip. I’m obsessed with walking around cities, even my own, and I always struggle when people don’t understand it. I haven’t been to Charleston since I was a senior in high school, looking at schools, but I think I need to make a trip back!

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