Life of Late ~ 9.18.15

I do apologize for the bombardment of photos this week.  There is so much to share and so much to catch up on so let’s keep this nice and short.  Did you know that this week marks 16 weeks until 2016?  That sure puts things in perspective.

Also, this is the LAST official weekend of summer.  I’m hoping the weather holds out for us as I would LOVE to take one more trip to the beach tomorrow.  I can already feel a slight chill in the air, a slight breeze that truly smells like fall, and of course the Pumpkin Spice Latte is in full force.  I’m trying – oh so trying – to hold out until October 1st.  It just doesn’t seem right otherwise.  For now, I blog to eat.  Or is it run to eat?  Let’s link up and list out random fun.

IMG_2049 Throwback to my last summer Friday day of eats.  Got to love the “healthy” sweet frozen treat from Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit – frozen fruit with water and a dash of cane sugar.

IMG_2054 ^^ Next up or later in the afternoon, I stopped by Shake Shack for a burger and a concrete.  I had just finished yoga when my roommate texted me that she was meeting a coworker at Shake Shack.  I had only planned to stop by and say hi but of course the allure of a juicy burger and dining al fresco pulled me in.  Some say it’s a great burger and others compare it to McDonald’s.  I’d say for a “fast-food” joint, it’s not half-bad and I especially liked the chopped pepper and bacon on top.

Shutters upon shutters from Charleston, SC.  Just a little blue and I don’t mind if I do.

IMG_7910Take me back to where the street views look like this. Window upon windows and flowers upon flowers.

Well + Good ~ “9 Signs to Show You Are Exhausted” ~ Yes. Yes. Yes.  I also have been cutting out coffee (over a week without!) but maybe a little more sleep would do the body and soul good.  

MyDomaine ~ “Jenna Lyons (JCrew) Shares Her Secret to Being Happier” ~ As I like to say (and remind myself) YOU DO YOU

Pure Wow ~ “13 Fresh Recipes for Blueberries” – Doesn’t that grilled cheese look divine?

Well + Good ~ “The Beauty Secret More New York Women Are Sipping On” – Hydration is a good thing!

Pure Wow ~ “13 Reasons You Are So Happy You’re No Longer in Your 20’s” – What if I’m still in my 20’s? #4, #5, #10. Truth

Well + Good ~ “This is What Happens When You Eat 40 Teaspoons of Sugar” – Sugar, sugar, sugar.  The new smoking. (along with sitting…the app that reminds you to stand up)

Buzzfeed ~ “We Know How Much of a 90’s Kid You Actually Are” – But really.  Take this quiz and you will thank me.  SO MUCH FROM THE 09’s that I forgot about.  So many good memories.

~~~ lunchables. seeing the zoo books commercials, caprisun at soccer games, having lisa frank folders, billnye the science guy videos making your day at school, beanie babies and believing you could save them until 2000 and get rich selling them ~~~
FullSizeRenderThat time I ran around Manhattan in order to fulfill my long run quota for the day and to end up at Clinton St. Baking Co.  A quick tip is that it’s a cash only joint, so make sure to come prepared.
Clinton St. Baking Co. & Restaurant
4 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002
(646) 602-6263
IMG_2028 IMG_2039
I’m 99% sure you will arrive to a queue, between 30 minutes to over an hour, but well worth the wait.   This here is the famous blueberry pancakes with warm maple butter.  I saw the man next to us order the same thing and then ask for regular syrup.  No sir, just no.
IMG_2349 ^^ Yoga + hip-hop and rap?  Who knew yoga could be that much fun??
Digging my time at this weekend’s 5th Avenue Mile and Wanderlust festival.  TOO MUCH FUN IN THE SUN!
“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” – Annie Dillard

2 thoughts on “Life of Late ~ 9.18.15

  1. You always have the BEST articles. And food. But we’re the same person with almost the same taste buds so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by that… And you go to the coolest events. When in NYC…

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