A Trip to the Apple Farm

It’s safe to say that fall is officially here.  I may have said this a week or so ago, but with the crisp northeastern weather and a full afternoon of the most stereotypical fall activities (think apple picking, cider sipping, and donut munching), I’m content to check fall off my list.  But really, living here for now three autumnal seasons has made me believe that fall is my favorite season.  In just a few short months I may tell you that spring or summer is my favorite, but for now, let’s revel in the changing leaves and slightly cooler temps that call for boots and scarves.


So, this past weekend, a few friends and I decided to escape the city for an afternoon.  We met up at Grand Central Station and hopped on the Metro North towards White Plains.  About an hour to an hour and a half into the ride, we arrived in North Salem for the Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard.  Apparently this was the thing to do as quite a number of people left the train and headed towards the taxi cabs.



Since this really was a seasonal business, taxis had the system down and were lined up, ready for service.  While just a quick 10 or so minute ride away, each car charged $5/person charge, but I wasn’t in the mood to haggle.  Let’s just say when you don’t see the yellow cabs, you realize you really are no longer in the city life.


^^ Successful blogger outfit of the day picture?  Check.  Just a look at my “basic” fall outfit with Levi’s jeans, JCrew tank (on super sale woohoo!), vest, jacket and recently purchased scarf from Anthropologie.


So yes, I joke about being basic but I kid you not, we had the most “basic” girls in our cab from the train to the apple farm.  By basic, I mean they were dressed in the most fall fashion outfits – plaid, vest, scarves, full make-up, and even toting a little dog.  I cannot confirm if the dog was dressed up but it very well may have been.  From what I recall, dropping “like” every other word and saying things such as “wow, I didn’t realize it would be so crowded, maybe I should be an apple farmer” and “oh my gosh, I wonder if they are sold out of apples.  We should have called ahead!”.  The first comment cracked up the driver who responded to them with “you know farming is like 8-10 months of unpaid labor and then two months of hopefully breaking even, right?”. Good times.

IMG_8084 Once we arrived, we did a quick survey of the grounds.  Lines upon lines for cider and doughnuts, craft beer and music in the back, a store full of pre-picked apples and lots of other goodies.

IMG_8092We even snagged a free bite of pumpkin cheesecake and while I know we were supposed to be focusing on apples, I was quite close to picking up a slice of pumpkin cheesecake and calling it a day.  ‘Twas really that good.  (but then, when can you go wrong with cheesecake?  this is why I can’t go vegan)

IMG_8085 Yes, the first stop would be doughnuts and cider.


IMG_8086I was slightly disappointed in the hot cider as it tasted more like warmed up apple juice.  Maybe I should have been looking for the spiked cider, which Lindsay had tested last week when she and her friend were at the festival.  Alas, no time for disappointment as it was time to go scour the orchard for those apples.

IMG_8109 IMG_8101Each of us had oodles of apples at home already (just from the store), so we really didn’t need our own bag.  Plus, when you are living paycheck to paycheck (or right above that), you really don’t need to be dropping $25 every which way you turn.

As it turns out, most of the apples were picked over, so we grabbed a few from the trees and filled the remainder of our bag with those in the bushels on the ground.  After snacking on our donuts and perusing the store, it was time to catch a cab back to the station and a train back into the city.

IMG_8120Oh, and funny story about the store.  So after coming out of the orchard, we split up the apples amongst the four of us and I packed my bag to the brim with my share.  Well, when I was purchasing my jar of pumpkin butter, the cashier was quite suspicious that I had stolen all the apples.  Really now.  You’ve got miss goody-two-shoes and you think I stole that many apples?  No ma’am.  All purchased in that lovely $25 bag (but I understand the problem that orchards usually encounter with that type of stealing problem…)


“Autumn in New York, why does it seem so inviting?” – Vernon Duke

1 thought on “A Trip to the Apple Farm

  1. You’re making me wish I did some more fall activities! I really want to go to a pumpkin/apple/corn maze type of place. It’s amazing what you can find just a short trip out of the city!

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