Life of Late ~ 10.23.17

I know I know, there have been a few too many “life of late” posts going on.  I truly wish I could muster up a few other prophetic posts, buuuuut I’m coming up short.  This week has actually flown by and hey, it’s everyone’s favorite day of the work week.

Some of the random things that I have learned in the last week?

  • Gluten-free bread is delicious but also starts to crumble after one week.  This doesn’t make for a great sandwich or grilled cheese.
  • Going to watch baseball games (even in the bar) with friends is fun, except when you decide to get up early to workout in the morning.
  • Running on 5 hours of sleep?  Not exactly recipe for the most success during the work day and sure doesn’t help with your eating decisions.  Common sense Kaitlin. Duh.
  • I’m pretty good at eating healthy, but boy I have such a craving for something sweet at the end of the day.


Sure, people complain about the MTA but I have to hand it to NYC, I’ve never had better methods of transportation.  Think about it, there may be tons of people and sure, some delays, but we actually get places relatively quickly.  If you aren’t going to follow me on this train of thought, just enjoy the different tile patterns and pictures in each subway station.

IMG_2779^^ Don’t these just look divine?  A little trip to Chobani SOHO is always a good idea, especially when you get to take the little glass bowl home after you finish!  My friend Whitney and I met up for a little massage in Chinatown and then caught up over Chobani (sweet for me, savory for her).


IMG_2813^^ BIG thanks to this gal for meeting me on Staten Island just to run the last few miles of the half with me.  I may have still had to have my earbuds in and jams flowing but having her there certainly helped.  I realized that running back to back to back races probably wasn’t the best idea for my body (some people are bionic) and I certainly need a little break.

IMG_2818^^ But first, we brunch.  Quite possibly my favorite combo >> running + eating.  Yes.  I may have gone to Chobani both Saturday and Sunday, but when Staten Island has NO FOOD OPTIONS AFTER THE RACE, you get a little hangry and go for whatever you want.


^^ Facebook now does this thing where it posts things that you have posted on that day (or around that day) in the past.  In honor of the San Francisco Nike Women’s Marathon last week, it was fun to not only see the most recent race, but the first SF NWM race back in 2010!

IMG_2906Here we are, just three sophomores in the city 🙂  Look at how young we look!  You can see the difference between the top and bottom (both Sam – middle girl – and I are in the same spots year over year)


^^ Last Friday’s workout was RIGHT down the street from me.  Even though I was so.darn.tired and probably could have benefited from the sleep, I just had to go.  It’s something about FOMO and guilt-tripping myself.  Anyways, afterwards, we decided to climb up oodles of stairs just for fun.  Hey, don’t you wish you had that view?

IMG_2885 ^^ Just some crazy kids getting a workout in.

Strava ~ “No White Space

Well + Good ~ “8 Tricks for Being More Confident” ~ TRUTH – be passionate – be hardcore – be bold – be resilient.


^^ Making this vegan pumpkin pie.  Pumpkin on point.

November Project (NYC Post by an amazing person) ~ “Hunger” ~ I have found that NP is just something out of the ordinary.  You think that when you graduate school, it will be tough to make friends – meaningful friends – who enjoy the same things or don’t pass judgement for something you think, say, or do.  Well, not to get too sappy but a lot of us have discovered that through working out and through November Project.  Pretty much everyone that I have met has taught me something.  Most of us share stories – the good and the bad – training tips, social events, etc.  We are there to help each other and not judge.  It’s amazing how we have all come together across the country and have this sense of belonging in a seemingly confusing adult world.

Peanut Butter is My Boyfriend ~ “What’s Next on My Fitness Journey?” ~ Good questions.  There are a lot of things that I would like to do in my life, train for in life, and places I want to race.  What happens if now just isn’t the right time?  How do I continue on this fitness journey?  What is that fitness journey?  All good things in Lauren’s post 🙂 


My Domaine ~ “Splurges to Make in Your 20’s” ~ Does daily cold brew count?  Just kidding.  Experiences are some of the top ways I spend my money.  I’ll get around to a car and a better mattress (moving on up from the twin).  #14 – some workout. CHECK 😉

Women’s Running ~ “How to Get Over Having to Miss a Race” ~ I always fear the dreaded DNF (Did Not Finish) or DNS (Did Not Start). Something about disappointing people or really just disappointing myself.  If it’s an injury, one must listen to the body, even if that race has been on the mind for months.  Of course, this is a moment where you should do as I say and not as I do.  I tend to run through pain, sickness, and negative temps.  Not smart, Kaitlin.  Not smart. 


^^ One last pic of the trip to Miss Lady Liberty last Sunday.

As for this weekend, I’m thinking of scheduling in some relaxation time.  Yes, the only way I’m going to be able to chill is if I schedule that.  😉  The weather should be glorious, a run in on the calendar, plans to see a Halloween Dog Parade (yes, that’s a thing – and annual thing), and maybe some more delectable autumnal recipes.

“There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do.” – Freya Stark

9 thoughts on “Life of Late ~ 10.23.17

  1. Love your life of late posts. I can’t get into the more serious posts lately either. So much I could say but I do love all the NP stuff per usual. And you know my sweet tooth is out of control haha 😉

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