Folks. It’s here.  This is my third fall in the city and I’ve finally caught the marathon running bug.  No, I’m not running the marathon (this year) but am going to every.single.event – or at least the November Project ones (which pretty much equates to all the marathon events)


I helped kick off the festivities on Saturday with a 10 mile jaunt up and along the last part of the course.  I actually had never ran into the Bronx and thought it was a great way to explore the city, especially when I got to run with these gals.  Let’s just say I’m definitely not in the shape to run any further (hence why I’m NOT running the marathon any time soon) but am so inspired for anyone who is.  We ended over at Columbus Circle with some chocolate milk, free bananas + Kind bars, and then stumbled off to grab some Juice Press juices.

The rest of the weekend wasn’t too eventful. I stopped by Tompkin’s Square for the annual Halloween Dog Parade (yes that’s a thing and yes it was overwhelming with the amount of people that showed up), grabbed coffee/lunch with a friend in the east village, and cleaned the apartment.  So fun, I know.  Sunday turned out to be a GORGEOUS day after the rain cleared.  I had a little gym session with weights (probably looked more like an idiot than I had hoped), stopped by a new church with the roommates, grabbed Joe coffee with a blogger friend, and yoga in Central Park.  Once home, I attempted a mega Halloween cookie, and “whipped” up some pumpkin-apple-gruyere-sausage risotto with Lindsay. Quotes necessary because this was no short process.  We always forget how long risotto takes (close to an hour+) but is always worth it.  Ok, it may have turned out to be a busier weekend than originally planned, but that’s “Kaitlin” for you.


^^ Last year’s water station in Queens #mile14.  This year, check us out at #mile7 BROOKLYN!

This NP_NYC Blog Post?  So excited. So so excited.  Side note – eac November Project tribe writes a blog after every workout, which is totally fun to read.  Also serves as an itinerary for a week like this week.  I mean, just reading through it gets you stoked right?

Feeling a little hyped up at the moment (maybe it’s the free coffee from the expo, the $0.25 coffee from Dunkin – thank you to the Giants for winning – or the fact that I’ve been up since 5:20 to run hills), so let’s hope this energy pushes me through the work week.

I decided to make the special NP pop up workout, which was at 67/west side of Central Park since it was close to work.  We ran hills for a half hour and stopped by the marathon finisher’s tent (don’t think it’s called the expo since that’s at the Javitts Center) to get some free swag – a few cups of Dunkin coffee, free photos, and yes, a photo and chat with THE Deena Kastor.  I may have started the conversation with “hi, we met back at a race in Mammoth Lakes, how is your dog and daughter?” (notice the order of words in that question).


^^ We are totally pals.  


This was from the Mammoth Lakes 10k a few years ago.  Meghan probably won her age group and I believe I “won” my age group, meaning I came in with a decent time, but they called my name and gave me the winner’s mug instead of the girl who actually won.  Funny story – that girl who should have received the mug was in the same grade as me and happened to be on the Santa Clara cross country team.


 But really, I think she was a little willing to take a picture with us.  Or she is just a wonderful human being.

IMG_3097^^ We also are pretty much 2x her size.  We just have the muscles built for those hills 😉

Another funny story.  This morning as I was draining my phone battery going between Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and the camera, Deena Kastor came on to speak and one of the NP guys – Brian – asked (jokingly), “who’s that?”  To which I responded “gosh Brian, don’t you know? It’s THE Deena Kastor.”  He proceed to laugh.  Oh man, guess the jokes on me.  (This was also one of those stories where it was probably better if you were there or I could tell you in person.  All about the tone.)

IMG_3100^^ The reason I want to run a marathon? So I can spend my entire paycheck + more on buy myself and these goodies.  I mean who runs for food when you can run for Tiffany’s?

IMG_3099Maybe too much enthusiasm for a Monday.  Scratch that, never too much enthusiasm for a Monday.  Get pumped and get your New York on.  For all of you running the marathon – I’ll see you at #mile7

“The marathon is a charismatic event. It has everything. It has drama. It has competition. It has camaraderie. It has heroism. Every jogger can’t dream of being an Olympic champion, but he can dream of finishing a marathon.”
-Fred Lebow, New York City Marathon co-founder


5 thoughts on “NYC MARATHON WEEK!

  1. I remember our Mammoth run (and win – mugs for all the Fuelling women!) – So excited for your week! Love, Sue/Mom/Panda

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