Life of Late ~ 10.30.15

Helloooooooooo.  Who is ready for the spooktacular day of Halloween (tomorrow)?  My day has started off a-okay with a little November Project pump up workout at the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, a little trip to Whole Foods (because why not) and now a media math test for television media.  I would prefer to do without the last part buuuuuut what can you do?  Of course I’m “studying” by writing this post.  Let’s just say it’s going as well as my SAT prep did in high school.  Back then I didn’t have the blog but I did have the JCrew website to browse.  Hey, I made it through college and earned a job on my own, so it’s all good.

I had planned on getting up this morning around 5:15 and dropping my stuff at the gym, running to the workout and running back afterwards.  Turns out I either didn’t set my alarms, turned them off before going to bed, or just turned them off in my sleep.  Anyways, I woke up at 5:45, which was not enough time to catch the subway and subsequently hailed a cab.  So much for free fitness 😉


We started the morning off with a helluva lot of burpees, lunges, stairs, and oh more burpees.  I have to hand it to our leaders – that was one killer workout.

Plans this weekend call for a Halloween house-warming, some sort of workout and pumpkin baking tomorrow and the NEW YORK MARATHON ON SUNDAY!  Who is pumped?


Last night I went to a happy hour celebration with work and I swear it reminded me that not everyone is a runner.  I had a few conversations with people where they just couldn’t understand my infatuation with November Project or working out or getting up early.  It’s like I was a specimen or something. (Note as I am writing this at 9:20…oops…the office is empty.  I’m that weird kid who works out in the morning instead of getting in late with a hangover. you do you)

^^ I don’t do bugs and I don’t do spiders, but this is too darn hilarious.  I very well may try this with a future dog of mine.  I’ll be such a good owner 😉

Side note.  I want to get more involved with photography and video making.  I watch all these amazing little recap videos that people make of their travels (Well Traveled Wife + husband, The Healthy Maven, and a few of my friends at NP).  This may be my new winter project but let’s see if I actually follow through…


^^ Throwback to those good times we had in Utah.  My deepest apologies to Emma as I have my rear end in her face.  Don’t mind me, just trying to get the race anklet on straight.

Huffington Post ~ “1,200 Calories” ~ Isn’t this article the truth.  Weight is more than a number and it’s not always all about those calories.  Excuse the French but I liked this excerpt, “And hungry people are — let’s be honest — complete assholes. I don’t know about you, but when I’m hungry it means I’m unfocused, cranky, distracted, grumpy, irritable, and generally miserable. Snickers did get something right: You are not your best self when you are hungry.”

Sweet & Salty ~ “Redefining Love” ~ A post written by one of my best friends and such a wonderful one at that ~ “And now these three remain: faith, hope, love. But the greatest of these is love.” — 1 Corinthians 13:13


^^ Enjoying the last 0.2 of the last 10 miles of the NYM course (if you are a blog follower, you might recognize the gal in the tank to the left)

5 Love Languages ~ So how do you express your love for others?  Words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, or physical touch?  I guess you could say I’m a mix of the two – acts of service and gifts, but mostly love to give gifts.  Whether it’s being there to listen, sending care packages, or just picking up something random in a store (or even groceries 😉 ).  I love finding the right gift for someone and watching their face as they open it. 

Business Insider ~ “What I Would Tell My 20-Year Old Self” ~ Fail. Patience. Travel.  Stop watching TV.  All so true, especially the TV part. I spend some nights on the couch, flipping through my phone and willing myself to do something different.  Yet I remain on that couch, eyes glued to either the phone or television.

Pure Wow ~ “5 Places to Hike Based on Your L.A. Personality” ~ Getting this list ready for when I’m home during the holidays.

Time ~ “How to Find the Healthiest Candy” ~ Now, I’m a HUGE sweet fan but not the biggest candy fan.  Shocker.  I do love a trip to Dylan’s Candy bar but that’s just because it’s like another world in there.  Thanks to Cupcakes & Cashmere for a few of these links. 

DON’T FORGET TO TURN YOUR CLOCKS BACK SUNDAY!  If you are out and about for the Halloween festivities, you may feel a little deja vu when it’s 2 am and then 2 am.  Enjoy.


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