Lunching at The Little Beet, Manhattan

So the daily lunch out might not be the best idea in terms of saving money, especially when you live in New York City, buuuuut once in awhile is a-okay.  Especially if those jaunts are to a funky little vegan and vegetarian friendly joint called The Little Beet.  I had agreed to meet up with a friend for lunch one of these days and since she has some different dietary restrictions, The Little Beet was the spot to go.  I don’t really consider myself vegetarian or vegan but do end up eating along those trends every now and then.  Plus I’m on the hunt to check out all the spots in NYC.  Slowly but surely I’ll make my way around.

The Little Beet
135 W 50th St (btwn 6th/7th)
M-F: 7am-9pm
Sat/Sun: 12pm-7pm

IMG_3854^^ When one eats with other bloggers, they have no problem taking endless amounts of pictures. Caught red-handed 😉  I did love the rustic-chic ambiance they had going on – vines on the walls, wooden tables, and iron chairs.  For a hot second, I forgot that I was in the concrete jungle.

IMG_3849^^ A nice little selection of juices if you choose to drink your meal or accompany the delectable fare.  If my phone actually did the juices justice, you would see all the colors of the rainbow.  So pretty so pretty.

IMG_3855^^ You have two options to order.  One is “to-go” which can be done online or on the mobile app and the other option is obviously in-store.  (The man above is probably thinking, “what weirdo is taking pictures of a restaurant like this?” #diditfortheblog)




All the options are pretty clear and listed on menus as you wait in line.  The set-up of options reminded me of L.A.’s Lemonade, but with a lot fewer choices.


IMG_3858 ^^ I was not creative or experimental at all and went for my favorite trio >> salmon w/ kale and some sort of sweet potato.  This time the sweet potato came in the form of a root vegetable mash, which was not as sweet or salty as I had anticipated, but was a nice combo for the kale and salmon.  They played nicely together.

Annnnnnd I couldn’t seem to leave without purchasing a cookie.  I had been trying a no sugar thing that lasted all of three days.  The entire meal had cost me close to $17 or so dollars (thank you New York and thank you fresh foods), so that’s obviously not feasible on the daily but let me leave you with this – it was “national cookie day”.  I’m a sucker for holidays.  So there.


“Today me will live in the moment, unless it’s unpleasent in which case me will eat a cookie” – Cookie Monster


4 thoughts on “Lunching at The Little Beet, Manhattan

  1. I’ve really wanted to try this out, but the little beet table which is close to where my sisters live. Gotta love NYC prices. Makes me cringe a little.

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