Find Your Tribe

It’s true that we are all searching for a something – a purpose or a path – or someone/group of people in life.  It can be that one person you call your best friend or maybe it’s a community (and yes, you can have both).  Heck, we are trying to find ourselves amidst this chaos.

I’ve shared here countless times how much November Project has meant to me over the last year and a half.  Sure, I post way too many pictures of running and workouts and it’s probably the first thing I’ll try to tell you about when we talk in person.  Truth: I didn’t even have any solo shots for our Christmas card that didn’t involve me working out – mostly because I’m not going to walk around the city and ask a stranger to take a picture of me.


Anyways, this feeling and this sense of community extends beyond the workouts.  We go out, we practice yoga, we go on trips.  We travel and visit other tribes and we travel together just for the hell of it.  It’s a sense of finding people who accept you for who you are and don’t judge you for what you do or what you say (unless it’s really really stupid and then they just make fun of you…in a loving way) 😉

The way I found this was by just showing up.  I started going to November Project back in August of 2014 here in New York City.  I vividly remember the early morning trek to the upper upper west side – farther away from work and a shower than I needed to be – and I even remember the first people that I met there.  One of the main reasons I took the plunge was after reading post after post from Sarah and Ali, both of whom I can now call friends (can we say real life omg moment when I met Ali? – this is the post that really made me say “f-it, I’m going”.)


^^ day 1

I didn’t know a soul (besides following their blogs, which is totally normal in this day and age) but everyone there was welcoming.  Hugs for all and introducing themselves to newbies such as myself.  I decided I would make it my goal for people to know my name.  I would show up despite the location, the weather, or my schedule to be there.  The result?  I fell in love.  I found the community that I needed.

Now I know the rivalry between NYC and LAX is real – read this blog post if you need some evidence – but I try to think of myself as a bi-coastal member.  New York is my home, it’s where I started, but Los Angeles is where I’m from and where I hope to be one day.


So, when the time came to go home for the holidays, I figured I would test LA out.  Sure, I didn’t have my friends, no familiar faces, but they welcomed me in and off we went around those damn stairs.  Seriously, even after running half marathons, how do I get winded by those Bowl stairs?


Slowly but surely I started to introduce myself, just as I did in New York, and now am happy to say that I have a few friends or at least friendly faces.  I have discovered and worked out at areas of Los Angeles that I never knew existed.  I know that when I move to Southern California, I won’t have to start from ground zero because I will have a tribe to wiggle my way into.

I’m sure there are countless creative folks who have documented their journey through NP, but watching this video >> November Project – LAX – A Short Film reminded me of the value of such a community.  A group such as this provides people the opportunity to find a place in the city.

So, what are you waiting for?  This is a new year.  Find your focus and Just Show Up.