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Jumping back into my foodie adventures here around New York City.  I don’t often eat out during the week, opting for my fabulous grilled veggies on repeat (so innovative, I know) but right before the holiday travel, I was lucky enough to go out to eat with one of my work teams.  One coworker used to work on the agency side and would visit this fabrick often with publishers as account executives love to wine and dine.


Work lunch obviously meant appetizers all around since it was being put on the corporate card.  This was perfect for someone like me who likes to sample a little bit of everything.


^^ Starting things off right with some healthy fats aka Avocado Panna Cotta {blue corn tortilla & plantain chips, roasted tomato pico de gallo}

IMG_4041 ^^ The Burrata Salad {apple butter, radicchio, prosciutto, country toast} was probably my favorite item of the day (of course it was all the way at the beginning of the meal and I had to share…no fair).  I seriously could order this type of meal all the time – creaminess of the cheese and salty combination of prosciutto.  Delicious.

IMG_4045 ^^ BACON BACON BACON.  Candied Bacon with a black pepper maple glaze to be exact.  These were hefty slices of meat presented in an oh so fancy way.  I wouldn’t say it was as good as steakhouse bacon, but it sure was a treat.

IMG_4047^^ Trying to meet the green quota for the day.  Opting for a Kale Waldorf Salad w/ chicken on top, not too soggy, and saving enough room for dessert.


^^ Yes, last but not least, a set of desserts for the eyes and stomach to feast on.  This little beauty right in front was fabrick’s Fancy Chocolate Hazelnut Handbag {gianduja mousse, raspberry ganache, vanilla bean ice cream} and the decorative display in the back was The Big Apple Tart {earl grey caramel, oat crumble, mexican cinnamon ice cream}.


^^ My sweet tooth was torn between the chocolate handbag and this Frozen S’mores Napoleon {graham cracker cake, chocolate semifreddo, coffee marshmallow}.  But if none of these are hitting the spot, you might be more in the mood for something to share (not that these desserts can’t be shared), they have the popular Cheesecake Lollipop Tree For Two with flavors like cherry pink cashmere, triple chocolate tuxedo, and toffee top hat.  Oo la la 🙂

Davide Burke fabrick
Located in:
Archer Hotel New York
47 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018
~ menu ~

Life of Late ~ 1.8. 16

Welcome back to the grind!  Who is already sick of winter? Well, I guess it’s tough luck and we have to suck it up and be #weatherproof.  My chilly arrival into JFK on Tuesday morning was not exactly ideal.  Hm, -6F?  Please send me on a plane to Hawaii where I can braid hair, be a dolphin trainer, and somehow start and organization business.  #lifegoals.

But really, speaking of life goals, what are some of your dream jobs?  I’ve been brainstorming and there are so many elements of roles that I would love to do but can’t exactly pinpoint which role or company would be “the dream”.  So until then, we keep calm and carry on.

IMG_4319 ^^ Thought I would recap a little bit since I left you with just a recap of 2015.  NYE was uneventful to say the least – watching college football at home (aka a blowout) and then battling for the remote to watch CNN’s ball drop at 9pm (working on a east coast new year’s time).  Then it was into bed so Meghan and I could wake up and make it to NP_LAX >> the BEST way to start of a new year.

Of course Meghan was crushing it as she ran along with one of the former co-leaders Orrin and another speedy girl (I say speedy because she runs a 3:03 marathon…yep) and I don’t think the girl was all too pleased that Meghan could keep up.


^^ Brunching on New Year’s Day.  A bunch of NP folks were headed to breakfast but Madre and Bodie were waiting back at home to watch the Rose Parade and we couldn’t bail last minute.  So, it was gourmet waffles made by the Megnan and photo by yours truly.  Yes, this might have been filtered but it looks good and tasted even better, so there.

IMG_4335^^ How about that Pasadena Spanish architecture??

I met up with a friend for a yoga class at the Valley Hunt Club and after 90 minutes of semi-torture (I really haven’t been stretching and it showed during class), we continued our outing at Corner Bakery, sitting and catching up for almost two hours!  It’s the absolute best feeling when you may not see friends for awhile but when you meet up, it’s like nothing ever changed.

Young and Rungry ~ “TOL – Body shaming, diets, and you do you” ~ Truth.  Even adore the part of the title >> “You do you”

Well + Good ~ “10 Foods for Happiness” ~ Because who doesn’t want to be happy? (slowly learning to like beets…)

Medium ~ “Stop Rushing Life” ~ Read again and again and again.

AdAge ~ “Super Bowl Top 50 Ad Countdown” ~ With February 7th right around the corner, AdAge took a look at some of the top creatives that have aired.  Boy, there are some brilliant minds out there!

Greatist ~ “Expectation Hangover” ~ Because I sometimes feel like every day has to be the best day ever and I always have to love everything that I do and that I have my dream job.  Spoiler, that’s setting yourself up for disappointment.  Instead, take things in stride and enjoy little accomplishments as well as the big ones.


^^ One last meal before the Whole30 begins…emphasis on as much cheese as possible.  This was a lovely sister trip to Lemonade at the Americana in Glendale before we saw the movie Sisters.  I’d say it was funny but not exactly worth $15.  They definitely used all the funny scenes in the previews.  What we should have done was go and see Star Wars again.


^^ Oh hey! It’s me!  A bunch of us went to intervals in the park prior to the holidays and we managed to make the NYRR homepage.  Anyone care for an autograph? 😉  But really in terms of running, I have a few races this year and while I’d love to set personal records, I am instead throwing out a goal to stay healthy, not get injured, and successfully finish the New York Marathon this November.  Running with my friends at November Project and intervals in Central Park or the track should help with speed, but hopefully this Whole30 trial will provide some assistance and insight into recovery as well.

Well, that’s all for now.  Look like it’s going to be a low key weekend with running (run cheer the NYRR 10K), yoga, food exploration, and Sunday’s warm rain (in the 60’s woohoo!).  Food prep is also a big priority since eating out in the cafeteria (despite being discounted) isn’t exactly budget friendly.


(photo creds to Brian H. from NP)

What’s on tap for your weekend?  Do you usually relax or try to fill up your schedule?

2016 – A New Year with All Good Vibes

My break back in California has been quite nice to say the least.  I’ve had time with friends, oodles of time with family (maybe a bit too much 😉 as in we have no new topics of conversation), and lots of time in the sun.  While I’m itching to get back to my friends on the east coast, I’m not exactly ready for chill that’s heading our way or sitting at my desk all day.


But, here we are in 2016, a year to continue the motto “you do you” and live life to the fullest.  Yes, this will be my third official winter and while I’m not entirely ready for it, I’m planning lots and lots to keep my mind and body occupied.  I wasn’t planning to list out any goals or “resolutions” per se, but the latest NP_NYC blog post got me thinking a bit.  Who says they have to be resolutions like “lose 10 pounds”, “gain a beach body”, or “save all my money” (although those would all be lovely) 😉  No, let’s focus on some other types of goals and try to make the world a better place.

Random Life (Just Go with It)
~ Run longer than 16 miles (my current longest distance run & this should theoretically be a breeze with marathon training…)
~ Test out one month of Whole30
~ Steward/participate in a #runtoeat2016 group which I helped create with friends from NP.  Yes, runs to places like this will obviously be great after that month of Whole30
~ Meet 1-2 new people at NP every week
~ Volunteer at the Boston Marathon
~ Watch NYC’s 4th of July fireworks spectacular
~ Spend less time looking at my phone and more time taking in the world

“Being successful doesn’t automatically make you happier.  But being happier and more positive makes you more successful” – Shawn Achor


~ Charlotte, NC
~ Phoenix, AZ
~ Washington D.C.
~ Alaska for Meghan’s graduation (YES…she is graduating…scary)
~ Attend Wednesday workouts at NP_Boston {Harvard Stairs} & NP_DC {monuments and oh so breath-taking}
~ definitely some hikes, beach trips, and explorations in between

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it” – Maya Angelou


~ Half marathons galore (Phoenix + NYC 1/2)
~ Cherry Blossom 10 Miler
~ NYC Marathon >> my first official marathon (fingers crossed that I manage a healthy and smart training season)
~ undoubtably more – while I’m not signed up for anything at the moment, I know myself and will probably sign up for some NYRR jaunts on a whim…because #worktospend

When in doubt, this NP gal has it figured out.