Running + Brunching in Harlem

Running + eating are hands down my favorite weekend activities, at least for right now.  I mean, there are tons of articles that promote working out with friends and to celebrate with a nice leisurely brunch, (while still in workout clothes nonetheless) it’s utterly perfect.  This Sunday I met up with a couple of friends to run from Union Square to the tip-top of Central Park.  We made our way through the practically empty 5th Avenue (best way to see the sights in my opinion – nice and early) and along the winding roads of the park.


Once at Harlem Hill we met up with six or so other November Project buddies and forged on to run 3-4 hill repeats.  The last few weeks we have been meeting at Cat Hill (near The Boathouse) and brunching at Le Pain Quotidien but to be honest, this hill was much more enjoyable.  I guess you could say enjoyable is a relative term since we had just run 6.5 miles up to the park and still voluntarily ran up a hill.  Multiple times.  While Harlem Hill is certainly steeper (at least it feels like it at times), we managed the same mileage for a fewer number of reps.  Aka less painful in my opinion.


^^ One of many squads #runforbrunch

From there, we headed up to a Starbucks around 117th street and waited for the rest of our brunch buddies to arrive.  New York restaurants have this annoying requirement that everyone in the party must be present in order to be seated.  Ah well, I guess for them it means efficient ordering but can also be quite annoying.  First world problems.

2168 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York, NY 10026
~ Brunch Menu ~

Most people in the party opted for an unlimited mimosa to pair with their meal but I went for the hot fruity green tea.  We also decided to order a few plates of the oh so garlicky sourdough bread, a decision I do not regret.  Think about creamy garlic bread on steroids and that about sums it up.

IMG_5024 ^^ One of the clutch orders — white Polenta, Truffle Oil, Mushroom Ragu, Parmigiano Reggiano, Poached Eggs

IMG_5025^^ As you can see Jackie was so excited to eat and be photographed.  Jackie also likes to make fun of me and my eating habits.  Like when I asked for the hazlenut butter at Le Pain and then proceeded to scoop it out and eat it with my spoon.  (Don’t worry mom, I didn’t eat it straight out of the jar.  I have some control.  Some).  Jackie then took it away and this is why I keep her around.  😉


^^ My order of Braised Short Rib Hash, Poached Eggs, English Muffin, Hollandaise.  I attempted to substitute the English Muffin for spinach but apparently that was a no-no.  At least the running poached egg was on point and thank goodness whole 30 was over.

12628537_10101642596490366_2544804129979401331_o That’s a wrap for this week folks.  A few tasty restaurants in the works for this upcoming week and weekend!  As I like to say, #runtoeat 😉


8 thoughts on “Running + Brunching in Harlem

  1. Working out + eating the best foods = my favorite way to spend the weekend. Yesterday Tim said he always comes up with the ideas for things to do and I was like, “because if I came up with them, it would involve a run or a yoga class followed by eating dessert for every meal. So unless you’re interested in that, which I know you’re not, you can continue being the one to make plans.” He didn’t disagree. So I reserve my ideal weekends for the girl time haha

  2. I think there are few things that are better than a Saturday/Sunday run followed by brunch. Like it’s literally perfect haha. And I bet living in New York that are a million options for that too which would be awesome!

  3. I never understood how important brunch was to new yorkers until my sister moved there, and would refer to it as a verb. As in: Oh I’m not busy right now, I’m just brunching.

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