Life of Late ~ 2.5.16

FriYAY!  Welcome to this corner of the world where I work and workout.  I have one more week and then it’s a wonderful three day weekend (thank you United States presidents) and I’ll be off to Charlotte!  But now, let’s start the day with some random links and a hodge-podge of pictures.


^^ Let’s all ooooo and aaaaaahhh over a non-filtered view of the Central Park reservoir.  I took it along my commute from speed intervals to work through the park.  Boy, I could never grow tired of this view – always putting a smile on my face, especially with all the ducks floating around.


^^ This week has been filled with desserts upon desserts upon desserts.  Ok, it really stems from the fact that I’ve been out on two client outings and one restaurant week dinner with Lindsay and each one included dessert.  How could I pass up on something so special?  To be honest, the cookie above was somewhat a disappointment – too crispy and grainy and crumbled too easily.  It should have been a biscoff or cookie butter cookie for sure.


^^ Dessert at Scarpetta was a MUCH better decision.  Most of the table went to town on the booze, but I decided to hold out for the last course and between the cheesecakes and valrhona chocolate cake, I was in seventh heaven.



^^ Because I run (workout) to eat.  And have fun.  And fulfill my social life.  Would you believe that the picture above and picture below were less than a week a part?  IT WAS 50F IN FEBRUARY!!!  I actually told myself that this winter would ultimately decide my fate and it’s not looking half bad.  Thank you global warming.

IMG_5101^^ How’s this for a meme?  See I can make fun of myself (though I actually made the meme…)  See, we are lucky to have pictures from NP workouts and I was secretly glad this was caught this on camera.  Shall I make it a dating profile?  Oh and in terms of running, I don’t want to jinx myself but the last few runs have actually felt really good. I’m not sure what the reason may be – maybe integrating bread back into the diet. 😉

Vimeo ~ “Telluride Avalanche Dogs” ~ You will finish this movie in tears and want a dog immediately.  I would love a golden doodle.

Refinery 29 ~ “How I Tripled My Savings in 3 Months

Goop ~ “The Lean Closet” ~ Please please please let me help! I love organizing and sorting!

Food and Wine ~ “12 Secrets of New York Central Park” ~ Oh one of my favorite places in the city.


^^ Tooooootally digging my new Lululemon running crew.  We have been meeting on Saturday mornings at 9am out in Brooklyn and so it has been perfect running around 4-5 miles over the Manhattan Bridge and then 4 more around Brooklyn with these folks.  I’ve even made a few more friends and learned of a few more good book titles to read!


^^ Though I don’t always have a need for syrup, I love strolling through our farmer’s markets to see the goods and how cute the packaging is.  Got to love that small town feel in the big city.


^^ NP Love.  Last week’s bridge day was tough but these gals made it worth it.  There are definitely those days where I’ve considered just sleeping in (yes my body actually might be asking for that) buuuuut I never regret going to NP.


That about wraps up another week of working out (oh and work) and epic views.  As for this weekend, I plan to see the latest Nicholas Sparks movie, go on a long run, test out a new breakfast spot (between the Egg Shop and Two Hands), dine out at Lilia in Williamsburg (SO EXCITED), and finish it off with some sort of viewing of the Super Bowl.

What are you up to this weekend?  Are you rooting for the Panthers or Broncos?




13 thoughts on “Life of Late ~ 2.5.16

  1. Panthers! Any team that defeats the Broncos is good in my book! I’m seeing friends this weekend, hosting a family birthday party, and running 20 this weekend. Should be good– happy weekend!

  2. Egg shop is so darn impossible. We have been trying for weeks and can never last the wait. We tried a random Wednesday and even then it was packed. Sigh. Two Hands is great!

  3. I love this post! I especially love the finance link you included, such great tips and tricks that I’m going to start using now! It’s so fun to catch up on what you’ve been doing in the city! And your legs looks so toned and strong in that one pic! I am always blown away by how you can just run for days on end 😉 Love you and miss you! ❤ Have a great weekend!

  4. Okay the first pic is beautiful. The pic of you next to the llama is perfect and I just LOLed. And I love all the running groups. This week is dessert on dessert on dessert for me too… yolo haha.

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