NYC Restaurant Week ~ Park Avenue Winter

We’re going back to back restaurant reviews here.  See, if I don’t post about it now, there’s no guarantee it would ever make it onto the blog.  Last week happened to be the last week of New York City’s restaurant week and Lindsay and I are on a kick to sample as much of the city that we can.  After perusing as many menus as possible, we selected the Park Avenue Winter.  Funny enough, it was a restaurant that I had walked past countless of times on my way to the gym during my first year in the city.  It’s obviously ranked one of the best restaurants (but don’t most places say this?) and is well-known for using local New York and seasonal ingredients.


Park Avenue Winter
360 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10010
~ Restaurant Week Dinner ~ Dessert ~ Dinner ~ Brunch

 The restaurant itself will change its menu and decor throughout the year, everything based upon the season.   Again, the pictures don’t even begin to do the meal or ambience justice, but that’s what you get for eating dinner in a dimly lit room.

^^ The seasonal options extend from the drinks to the food.  When given the opportunity to order a cocktail, I definitely like to try something new.  However, with a hefty NYC price point, I opted for a nice glass of white wine instead.  Because I’m an adult.  But not ready to break the bank.


^^ Thematic, charming, or creative that they have such items to go with the seasonal menu?  I actually just thought it was funny because it made me think we were at some old school viking restaurant with a big old glog of mead.  Ok, I don’t think glog is actually a term the vikings used but it sounds like something they should have.  Obviously I didn’t order the mead, I just laughed to myself about it.


^^ Buttery bread served with extra butter and sea salt oh my.  When bread is served warm and still doughy, it’s always a good sign.


IMG_5201^^ Price fix menus for the win.  Lindsay and I were smart and ordered different appetizers and desserts so that we could explore more of the menu, but ended up with the chicken as our main entree.


^^ A new take on the recent gourmet toast phenomenon.  Sure, avocado toast (with or without an egg) is on the rage, but this kabocha squash toast will give the beloved avocado a run for its money.  Topped with sheep’s milk ricotta, burnt honey, and pancetta, it would almost be good as a main course. 

IMG_5206 ^^ Free range chicken atop apple sausage, kale, and pearl onions.  Oh KALE YES!  Anything with kale on the menu and I’m as good as sold.  The chicken was cooked well and had I not experienced the chicken at Lilia, I would have claimed it to be the most tender chicken in New York.  


Again, both Lindsay and I were on the verge of busting our buttons from eating so much, but dessert was in order.  She opted for the Winter White Sundae (Popcorn Ice Cream, Coconut & White Mocha Sauce) and I went with the Sticky Toffee Pudding (Caramelized Bananas, and Bourbon Pecan Ice Cream), though having had the most wonderful sticky toffee pudding in Scotland three years ago, I felt as though this night’s rendition fell short of my expectations.  Still a fun evening out and proof that I do more than run, eat, work and repeat 😉

“The only think I like better than talking about food is eating.” – John Walters


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