Two Hands are Better Than One

When my flight from Charlotte, NC to NYC got me back earlier than expected, I was left with plenty of time to clean the apartment, catch up on recent episodes of Downton Abbey and the Bachelor, and explore another restaurant on my city bucket list.  If you haven’t noticed in the foodie world, avocado toast is on the rage and while I could have easily made a trip to the beloved Bluestone Lane or even Le Pain, I was in the mood to try something new.


Plus, since I was going solo, I was sure to get a table faster, right?  Well, turns out that’s not always the case but I was bound and determined to check Two Hands, another Aussie inspired and run cafe, off of my list.


two hands
164 Mott St, New York, NY 10013




^^ Flat white, an Australian creation, makes for a delightful meal.

IMG_5424Torn between sweet and savory, I stuck to the avocado toast and added an over-easy egg on top.  If there ends up being a next time, I would definitely persuade my buddies to tag along just so we could order a few more dishes and test them all out.

IMG_8361 IMG_8359 ^^ You know when I said that I ate alone?  Well I happened to be sitting next to another solo diner and may have snagged this shot when she wasn’t looking.  Hey, it’s all for the blog right?  I’m sure restaurants are probably sick and tired of people whipping out their phones or cameras as food arrives.

IMG_8358 IMG_8351 ^^ Of course, if you are just looking for coffee on the go, walk in and head straight to the back to submit your order and skip the wait.


^^ Because who wouldn’t want s’more?  If you do happen to have a bit more room for dessert, this packed cookie or stuffed muffin might be well worth your while.  Maybe next go around…


“Food for the body is not enough.  You need food for the soul”


6 thoughts on “Two Hands are Better Than One

  1. You know I love that last quote. I’m all about food for the body AND for the soul. I need those s’mores cookies in my life stat.

  2. Love that you got some extra unexpected time on your hands! That’s always so nice. This place looks amazing and I’m drooling over all of the toasts…need them now!!


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