Life of Late ~ 2.19.16

You know when your brain seems to be fried from staring at the same screen for hours on end?  How about if it’s fried and you haven’t even begun working yet?  Yep to both of those.  I’m trying to finish a final ad sales planner presentation and for every one slide that I work on, I seem to need 20 minutes break.  Fingers crossed it all goes as planned.  Well, thankfully it’s also Friday and since we had a last-minute client dinner last night, I was able to wiggle my way into work a few minutes after my normal 8:30 arrival.  Winning.


^^ Running running, same idea, different day and different crowd.  This was from Tuesday’s intervals crowd.  I ran up through the slush and ice and was not at all impressed but after a total of 6 slow miles, I was glad to have a workout under my belt.


^^ Also from Tuesday.  My attempt to finish the November Project homework – wear your buff or photograph your buff in your city in some creative way.  Cue anxiety trying to figure out how to top the most amazing pictures from tribes around the country and world.  Just search “NP_Homework” in Instagram and you will be impressed.

While it was fun to be away last weekend, I realized how much I love my city and my routine.  A low-key night tonight (really catching up on all that sleep that I lost this last week), a few training runs for next weekend’s Phoenix Half Marathon, possibly yoga, brunch squeezed in there, and volunteering on Sunday with New York Cares.

We also have to spruce up the kitchen in our apartment since one roommate left and she owned pretty much every single item in there.  Lindsay and I laughed because when we arrived back from North Carolina (coincidence that we were both there last weekend!) it looked like a scene out of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.  Analogy credits to Linds!  Anyways, that means a trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and as long as I don’t get too overwhelmed, I’m all game.

The Blissful Balance ~ “Where to Eat in Phoenix” ~ OH MY GOODNESS GORGEOUS.  I want to go to all of these places.  Absolutely adore this post and so excited for Phoenix next weekend 🙂


^^ I adore walking around my neighborhood and passing classics such as this Ukranian eatery. Veselka always seems to be packed and is known for its borscht & pierogi.  Thankfully I know it’s not going anywhere and luckily this cheap eatery is open 24 hours a day.


APlus ~ “Strangers Wrote Their Biggest Regrets…They All Used The Same Three-Letter Word” ~ CLEAN SLATE

Skyscanner ~ “Travel Tips for Solo Female Travelers” ~ Hm.  Maybe I should take the plunge and take a solo trip.  But then I do love traveling with people.  I just also need my me time.

Puckermob ~ “30 Things You Never Thanked Your Grandma For” ~ Cue tears.  I’m blessed to have all four of my grandparents in my life but sometimes it’s tough being so far away as they get older.  Yes, all four of you guys are reading this and I love you 🙂

NYTimes ~ “At U.S. Olympic Trials, Two Marathoners Use Teamwork to Become Teammates” ~ Talk about amazing.

The Infatuation ~ “Llama Inn” ~ I just want to go because of the name.



^^ When your friends sign up for races and see your picture on the website.  WOOHOO! Thanks Mom for sending me my jersey last year.  I’ll start signing autographs 😉


Hey, hey a short post today!  Don’t worry, I’ll bombard you with photos after next weekend’s trip to Phoenix. Have a wonderful weekend all!


5 thoughts on “Life of Late ~ 2.19.16

  1. WAIT. I didn’t know you were going to Phoenix!!! Ahhhh I’m so behind on your life haha I can’t keep up with your travels 😉

    that cookie though… insert heart eye emoji here.

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