Life of Late ~ 2.26.16

PHOENIX BOUND! Or already arrived as of last night.  I always mean to write up a thinking out loud post on Thursdays, but I like my Friday rambles instead. 🙂

Sammichespsychmeds ~ “Why I Won’t Apologize for Posting About My Run on Social Media” ~ We need to take social media with a grain of salt.  Yes I post out all.the.time about working out and November Project.  To be honest, sometimes I think that even though I go to these workouts, I don’t always work my hardest and I see other people working harder, people who are faster, smaller, etc.  So where does that put me?  (see #5) I digress.  Know that it doesn’t have to be a negative trap and that those blogger posts, Instagram posts, or Facebook updates can actually be empowering.

IMG_5483^^ Like last week’s 10 miles around the lower part of Manhattan and ending with a solid selfie.  I was really trying to get a little NP_Buff and NP_Homework action going but homework was due at midnight the night before.  Oh well, good effort.

IMG_5484Oh, casually running around a monument.  I’m actually not sure what it is but it’s like the Arc de Triumph of Brooklyn, located right above Prospect Park.  I met up with a friend on Saturday around the park and “runcheer” some of our friends that were racing in the Al Gordon 4M.  The other main reason I offered to come to Brooklyn was the incentive of brunch with my friends.  The real winner was the ricotta and berry waffle or avocado toast concoction.  I guess you could say I was basic with my egg scramble.


^^ Brunch at the Brunswick Cafe was quite delightful, even if the hostess and waitress got mad at me for pouring the water and coffee.  What can I say, you left it within arm’s reach and hadn’t been back in awhile…

Mind Body Green ~ Yoga Retreats at Julia Child’s Home in France ~ Um, sign me up!

Pure Wow ~ “What Dog Breed Should You Get Based on Your Personality” ~ I’m still banking on saving up for a labradoodle one of these years.

Huffington Post ~ “For Anyone Who Thinks They Are Falling Behind” ~ An excellent find by my aunt and isn’t this the truth.  What did I say at the beginning of the year? YOU DO YOU!


^^ The Tuesday Speedwork crew.  Getting up at the crack of dawn two days in a row to run on the upper east side isn’t always easy, but oh so worth it once I get there.  Not to mention the fact that it’s getting brighter earlier and making it that much easier to workout in the morning!  Now let’s see if that effort actually translates into my races this year…

Pure Wow ~ “11 Tricks that Make Living in NYC Way Easier” ~ Free bathroom database?  I mean I do use my Equinox membership for that but wow, #runnerproblems solved.  Also my next dream is to attend the SNL taping.  So set your calendar alerts for August!

NYMag ~ “The Single American Woman” ~ Not sure I agree with all the political elements but what a fascinating shift in culture.


^^ Oh, and this is how to be single 😉 Profile picture worthy, don’t you think?  Back story is that we were out at Houston Hall (dancing the night away…or at least I was) and asked this cute guy to take our picture.  He actually went above and beyond and took multiple without us asking.  Well, we weren’t aware that he was taking the last one and started moving and there you go.  He even said that one was the best.  True story.

IMG_5476^^ Another view (at the beginning of my run) along the east river.  Pure gold and no filter.  How’s that for a sunrise?


Today we are off to pick up our bibs for tomorrow’s half marathon and then who knows what else.  I’m just happy to be exploring a new place 🙂 Have a fabulous weekend!


4 thoughts on “Life of Late ~ 2.26.16

  1. Ha love the picture of you dancing. Those candids that come out good are my favorite. Usually I have my eyes half closed or something so when they come out decent, I celebrate. Profile pic worthy for sure 😉 And as always, love the links. Have fun in Phoenix! Arizona is on my list to hike one day…

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