Will Run for Blossoms

Well, the last time I left you (a mere 24 hours ago…shocker two posts back to back), I had taken you through our Saturday shenanigans.  The main reason we had scheduled the trip was for the Cherry Blossom Run, but to be honest, I wasn’t entirely looking forward to 10 miles in the freezing cold.  It would have been oh so nice if the race had been on Saturday or even if the weather had held out.  But, I’m training myself to live in the moment and enjoy each race, no matter what the outcome may be.

There are going to be times where I need to run for fun and can’t put so much pressure on myself to run fast or go all out.  Sometimes you just need to smile and laugh a little.  I also like to sign up for races around the country and world because it enables you to see the location from a different point of view.  Sure, there is this small problem of not having access to the wide range of outfits or fueling options that one would have at home.  Alas, these were things that were out of our control and it’s all about the experiences, right?

Carpe Diem.


So, a mere 6 or 7 hours after going to bed, it was time to wake up to a very chilly spring morning.  The temperature had dropped to 30F and the winds had picked up speed to ~20-25 mph.  We took an uber to the Washington Memorial where bag check and the starting line were set up.  Due to the weather conditions, most of the tents, signage, and mile markers had been taken down.

Random note – I have to say, uber and venmo have been two clutch apps/businesses in today’s world.  I mean, it has made transportation for those without a car SO easy and repaying someone has never been so simple.  We used both apps all weekend long.


A quick meet up and pre-race pic ~ Melissa + Lindsay + Kaitlin + Sam ~ before we froze our butts off in the morning air.  I started the race with Melissa (another NP_NYC buddy AND one of the other May 6 birthday gals) but we separated after 2-3 or so miles.


^^ Here’s my attempt at taking pictures while I run and thanks to the new iPhone, they weren’t half bad.  I wouldn’t exactly make this routine, but since I had decided to run sans music, these views kept me entertained.  It was odd to run a race without jams to distract me but it also gave me the opportunity to analyze my life and make up stories about the runners around me.

My goal right now is to stay healthy, get strong, and focus on my first marathon at the end of this year.  That being said, I certainly wasn’t to looking to break any records and honestly, I was happy with myself.  When I started to feel some aches and pains, I told myself it was ok to take it back a notch rather than risk injury.  Also, it essentially was a personal best since I had never run the course before.  Good thinking, right?


^^ Epic shot by someone from November Project DC.  The DC tribe was stationed right along mile 9.2 (some say too far along the route and others say just right).  They provided just the right push we needed to finish the race strong. {1:22:01 according to strava}

After the race, Lindsay and I reconnected and went back to the apartment in order to take a shower, pack up, and somehow regain the feeling in our fingers.  We also picked up my friend Sarah who happened to be in town!  It’s always fun to meet up and we had plenty of time to catch up over brunch.

Brunch location by my friend Emma and boy was this the meal to end our time in the city.  I had never heard of Ted’s but it’s on my list of places to return to.   Be aware, the place is just as popular as Founding Farmers and thus comes with a similar, if not longer, wait.

Ted’s Bulletin
1818 14th Street
(202) 265-8337 


If you haven’t called ahead, place your name on the waitlist and turn 90 degrees to the left.  There you can can feast your eyes (and/or stomach) 0n the sweet looking doughnuts and homemade pop-tarts.  I was torn between the blueberry cream cheese and seasonal cherry, so both flavors may have been purchased for the party to share.  Plus, calories don’t count on race day (ok, that’s not 100% true but pop-tart earned?)



I absolutely LOVED the atmosphere of this place.  From the booths and chalk board menus to the endless cups of coffee and old-fashioned TV shows on the wall.





^^ After inhaling the pop-tarts, I opted for a “healthier” version of brunch – eggs with fruit, bacon, and a biscuit (hash browns aren’t really my jam and were left all alone on the plate).  Other favorites around the table included an epic grilled cheese (1 with and 1 without shortrib/mac&cheese), a breakfast burrito, and croque madame.


“Your greatest runs are rarely measured by racing success.  They are monuments in time when running allows you to see how wonderful your life is” – Kara Goucher


4 thoughts on “Will Run for Blossoms

  1. Yayyyy so glad I got to see you! Ted’s is so good but the wait is insane. Those pop tarts though –> worth it. Love that shot of you in the race!!

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