Life of Late ~ 4.8.16

First off, a very happy birthday to my mom, or Madre as Meghan and I like to call her, as well as a happy birthday to my uncle Kevin who just so happens to share the lovely April 8th birthday.  It turns out that I don’t have many recent pictures with my mom, probably because I live practically 3 thousand miles away, so here’s a throwback to her 2014 oh-so-humid visit.


What’s been happening in these neck of the woods?  Well Mother Nature has decided that we are not ready for spring and has delivered some brutally chilly mornings and freak rain storms.  Cool.  I have caught a cold despite all the vegetables and jugs of water that have been consumed.  I am still running every few days and am training for the next race – Brooklyn Half in May.  I’m not sure if I’ll try to PR on that course (when I ran the course in 2014) or if I’ll just take it easy.  Since it does happen to be a NYRR clubs point race, maybe I’ll find a happy medium and try to maintain a fun tempo. Stay tuned to see if that actually happens 😉

Other than that, it’s been lots of wandering, working out, and eating.  All good things.


IMG_6153^^ The Easter brunch spread with some of the tastiest homemade quiche! I was invited out to Brooklyn by a new friend and she had the most adorable apartment.  But really, it was something out of a magazine.

IMG_6231IMG_6225^^ Friday Destination Deck at Fort Green Park – A few of us ran across the Brooklyn Bridge to the park where we then spent 30 minutes going up and down the steps and pumping out as many burpees as possible.


IMG_6236^^ Listening in to those after-workout announcements and wondering why our Co-Leader Paul said caravan in such a French accent.  Good times.

IMG_6223IMG_6224^^ Currently obsessing over almond milk and almond milk lattes.  I have even picked up my own Califia Barista Blend to keep at work.  Turns out bringing your own milk and adding it to the $1.80 espresso is way cheaper than ordering it out.  Duh.


IMG_6192^^ Thank you CNN for deciding to celebrate its employees with all the quesadillas, guacamole, and chips one could ask for.

IMG_6168The other day we had a baby shower for someone at work and the setup was safari themed and there were little printed pails with various snack foods and a full on ice cream bar.  Now despite having just finished lunch (a very healthy lunch if I might add >> tuna, hummus, carrots/brussels sprouts, sweet potato chips, and avocado), I proceeded to inhale a mini sundae and a couple handfuls of extra toppings.  I wasn’t exactly hungry but it felt like a mini fight or flight moment where if I didn’t eat it then, I wouldn’t ever have ice cream again.  I then decided to swear off sugar for a month and then found this mug cake recipe on Running on Veggies.  That’s where my #raceweight mind is at apparently.


In similar news, I bit the bullet and signed up for Inside Tracker, a test that looks to optimize your body’s performance.  I’ve followed a few people insdie and outside of November Project (here, here, and here) that have been utilizing this program and am very curious to see what types of nutrients that I am lacking or over-doing.  My sugar intakes aren’t nearly as bad as they used to be (besides the above paragraph incident) but there’s room for improvement and with running on my mind, it’s worth a shot.


^^ When find something that I really want to purchase but shouldn’t because I already spend too much money (namely at Lululemon).  Good thing it was sold out in my size. \

etsy states


^^ So if I won’t let myself buy clothes, what about prints for the wall?  Found from reading The Well Traveled Wife and now I’m absolutely in love with this Etsy prints shop.

Runners World ~ “Eight Reasons to Sip on Coffee” ~ You don’t have to tell me twice.  I do think that I over-did it in DC (averaging 3 cups at brunch) but who knew that restaurant coffee could be so rich and tasty?

YouTube ~ “Mirinda Carfrae training for the Ironman World Championships” {Australian professional triathlete and current triathlete world champ training video} ~ I used to have this dream of going to Kona and participating in the Ironman World Championships.  This started years ago when I was truly in love with Hawai’i and had never actually finished a triathlon.  Today the desire to do a full is still there, but not anytime soon.  Starting with a half would be smart and for that, I have my eye on the Oceanside location.

Gothamist ~ “Top 12 NYC Bridges Ranked” ~ With our mini rogue race (Take the Bridge) over the Williamsburg Bridge a couple weeks ago, that puts me at  5/12.  Meet November Project at 5:30/6:30 on 4/27 to check off #9

Pure Wow ~ “Perfect Poached Eggs” ~  Perfecting the poached egg is actually on my bucket list and with this how-to video, it should be a no-brainer.  Also, the fact that I’m outsourcing restaurants and paying $16-$18 for avocado toast and a poached egg is insane.  So maybe it’s time I give this a shot.

Soul Cycle ~ “Inside MB Regan’s Soul Journey” ~ Forever in limbo between east and west coast and I loved what she said regarding NYC >> “the intensity, edge and realness of the people. What you see is what you get. No BS!

IMG_6450 ^^ Double days with these gals.  Just making our way down the west side highway and back to the Lululemon store in time to get a free headband.  Always in it for the free swag.  Jessica (left) even lucked out and won a free gift card!!  That girl is amazing and is training to run the Boston Marathon next weekend and the Big Sur Marathon the weekend after!!

IMG_6198 IMG_6191^^ Eating the rainbow in a different fashion.  This time it was thanks to a November Project friend who brought the tasty treat back from Long Island.  Deeeelish.

IMG_6444“Don’t be afraid to give up the GOOD for the GREAT!” – Steve Prefontaine

3 thoughts on “Life of Late ~ 4.8.16

  1. I’m so interested to hear what you think about inside tracker. maybe it will convince me to finally give it a shot… maybe. I’m still scared about what my sugar intake is going to say.

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