Good Monday Vibes

Mondays are tough, but that’s not really a new concept.  There has to be some scientific or psychological reasoning that I’m not privy to (or haven’t scoured the internet for) and it starts with the Sunday blues, edges into Monday, and even sticks around until Tuesday, leaving us longing for the next adventure.

What if we started the week with a different mindset?  What if we turned things around and took advantage of those minutes and hours we spent moping or pitying ourselves?  Start the day with a solid workout, pick up a favorite coffee or just tell yourself it’s going to be one awesome day.  You’d be surprised what a difference a simple change in mindset can do.

For me, it starts with some sweat and hard work.  Yes, sleeping in would be nice but powering through the 45 minutes of Whipped cardio with friends is so much better.  That’s just one example and no, I can’t avoid all the not-so-nice moments, but I can sure try. 🙂



So how do you tackle your Mondays?


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