Yo What’s Up Mercury?

Have you heard about this strange astrological thing called the Mercury Retrograde and why things might not be so peachy in your world?  Well, maybe I was just in a slump the last few days or maybe there is something to this Mercury phenomenon.

So that slump or funk, whatever you call it, was annoying me to no end.  I was being competitive and jealous where I didn’t need to be, frustrated and needy when I didn’t need to be, and just a pain in the rear (or at least I saw myself as one).  Hey, we are human.  It happens.  Anyways, one example would be my birthday, the fact that it’s next week, I’m turning 25, and have no concrete plans of how I want to celebrate.  I had it in my head that everything had to be perfect.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, who I wanted to do it with, or where I wanted to go.  But it’s 25 and cue quarter life crisis.  Great start, right?  Wrong.

I arrived at November Project and was telling a friend how I just couldn’t piece things together.  She mentioned something about mercury and how I may not be as crazy as I thought.  We are about to hit prime time retrograde (April 28-May 22) but why is that important?

According to the world wide web (because I didn’t get a chance to take astrology at Santa Clara), mercury impacts areas of communication (think listening, speaking, reading, editing, selling, buying), formal contracts, and so forth.  Turns out when Mercury starts to retrograde aka hibernate or sleep, the areas that it governs, don’t function as well as when Mercury is awake.

What does that really mean or why does this matter to anyone besides me?  Well, it probably doesn’t but if you are a Taurus like me, listen up.  According to this fun site , you should not make any important moves because nothing will be settled for the future and you’ll struggle to get a decision from others.  You should not launch a magazine (cool, wasn’t planning on it), sign any agreements, and so on.  Now I’m not so sure how much I want to follow this or should follow this but it does provide some insight into my wacky mind.  “It’s not that the people you are dealing with are duplicitous (deceitful…congrats, we learned a new word today), it’s just that nobody can fully predict what conditions will be like later”.  Hm, sounds like life.

Turns out, most articles (here and here) encourage you to take a step back, revisit your plans and/or goals, and reassess.  It could be the reminder I need to slow down and enjoy the moment, rather than trying to rush through and accomplish everything in the world right now.

When telling my mom about this, I don’t think she really bought it and instead reminded me that that things are pretty dandy and I need to get off my phone more often – experience more of the now and less of the FOMO.  Wise words Madre, wise words.


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