Something About Turning 25

It’s a big day.  I can now rent a car without all those additional added fees.  Winning!  But in all reality, hitting another year and milestone and I’m in a very happy place.  I have started to settle into my skin, my personality, and most days my body.  😉  I have found a tribe of people that makes me feel at home.  I have many friends who understand me and my quirky personality, but also challenge me to be a better person and help me loosen up.  Type A personality thank you very much.


I’m beyond lucky to have so many people to look up to, bounce ideas off of, and just hang out with.  I wanted to write all the ways in which I’ve grown and what I’ve learned over the past few months and years buuuuut somehow it’s not coming together as I planned.  I wanted it to be something like Ali’s blog and her view of her birthday and her thirties so how about “yeah what she said but for my 20’s.”  Cool.

But let’s be (somewhat) original and have some fun.

  1. Every age has its ups and downs but that’s life.  Challenge makes you stronger.
  2. Ice cream is never a bad idea.
  3. When you get your hair cut, you HAVE to go out that night.
  4. Attachment brings unhappiness.  Just be aware – Francesca Bove
  5. Goof around


^^ #squadgoals or #quadgoals

6. Disappointment happens and happens to everyone.  But you’ll never know the outcome until you take a risk and try something new. (Avoiding Disappointment)
7. Invest in good shoes.
8. Competition is good unless it interferes with your relationships.
9. Living in the moment > computer time.  I meant to write this earlier but happy hours and a surprise visit from one of my best friends caused for real life celebrations. (I may be writing this while she is here. Love you Laura)

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset10. Spell check and double check the recipient of your text/email/snapchat.
11. Kindness.  Doesn’t cost a damn thing.
12. Jealousy is not attractive and is more detrimental than helpful. (For When You Feel Jealous)
13. Give back.

IMG_329414. There will always be someone smarter, prettier, skinnier, and on and on. Focus on you.
15. College was great in some ways, but it by no means has to be the best four years of your life. (source author)
16. It’s ok to burn some bridges.  Best to keep quality friends over quantity.
17. Try something outside your comfort zone.  Like a Bieber dance class

IMG_456818. Find clothes that fit, make you look good and feel good (and buy mascara)
19. Eat good therefore feel good.  Although a night of nachos + beer + cookies is necessary once in awhile.
20. Have a signature drink – whether it’s a coffee (cold brew or almond milk latte – Califia milk only) or an adult beverage (Moscow mule hey)
21. Travel travel travel

IMG_219522. Transfer money to savings as often as possible.  Never to early to save for a rainy day.
23. ^^ True, but find value in experiences and sometimes it’s worth the splurge.
24. Keep in touch with friends and family.  From random texts to snail mail and even good ‘ol phone calls.  You’ll be glad you did.
25. Stop saying “when” and start saying CARPE DIEM!


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12 thoughts on “Something About Turning 25

  1. Kaitlin….I remember a chat we had your sophomore year at SCU…I surmised you were too concentrated on being successful vs enjoying yourself…..By senior year you had more balance(and more friends)…..The same pattern appears in NYC….I never doubted you would be successful in business, and now, the NYC experience is gaining you quality lifelong friends which you will apply wherever you live…..I am proud to know you and witness your journey as a true”Woman for Others”…..BestMike

  2. LOVE this. Love it love it love it. I’m so glad we’ve become such great friends. You always have the best perspective and I am so happy to know you. Happy birthday! I cannot wait to get insane milkshakes with you soon 🙂

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