Gooooood Morning America!

For those of you who caught onto the “Good Morning Vietnam” reference, well done.  For those of you who didn’t, go watch the movie ASAP.  But obviously there’s more than just a really good line from Robin Williams.   This actually is in relation to THE Good Morning America in New York City.  Yep, a direct competitor to my beloved Today Show but November Project was asked to be on GMA, so I guess for a day I can be Team GMA.


Originally we were going to show up to the studios with as many people as possible.  I don’t think the producers really understood “just show up” mentality.  That and the fact that we are all like lemmings (though it’s not a cult…) and when they say jump, we jump.  So if they said show up in Times Square, we would show up in Times Square.  Well, the producers got wind of this and limited it to about 30 spots.  Our co-leaders created a link to sign up and anyone from any of the tribes could sign up!  It was certainly more feasible for those in NYC, DC, or Boston but hey, you do you.

After a few days, an email was sent out to a lucky 30 and yep, I made the cut!  I had voluntarily signed myself up for a 4:30am wake-up call.  Good job Kaitlin.  To be honest, it was like sleeping the night before a race and I didn’t want to miss my alarm, so it was a very restless night of sleep.

I also did not want to deal with the sporadic public transportation so early in the morning, so I waited until the last possible moment to wake up, caught a $10 taxi (free fitness ha) to Times Square and was present in Grassroots Gear by 5:15.  Once we had all 30 of us, we walked over to the studios, handed over our IDs to show that we were truly who we said we were, and then were brought up to a “green room” where we would hang for about an hour or so.  There was free fruit + pastries + coffee, all of which were “eh”.  << Good descriptive words right Mom? 😉

IMG_7657 (1)Around 7 or so, we went out onto the plaza and did a little warm up and practice.  This consisted of us bouncing, be told not to shout weird things (cough cough Paul) and smile very big for the camera.  We then went about our normal bounce routine, hugged one another and then hugged some people in the crowds.  Curious why we hug?  Check out the segment 😉

After a few practice rounds it was back into the greenroom for another 45 minutes or so.  Ok, to be honest, since I was up at 4:30 and some people were up at 4, time seems pretty relative and I don’t actually recall how much time was in between.

IMG_7662 (1)

^^ There I am in all my butt-in-the-air glory.  I had told a few people and Sarah was able to catch it for me 😉 I know it was a lot of stop and go but man, we must have done something strenuous that morning because my abs were killing me the next day!  Those exercises either really work or I was just super out of ab shape (possibly the latter but let’s believe it’s the former)

Our air time was right around 8:40 but we did have a couple of snipets where we are in the background screaming and the anchor is watching with eyebrows raised in confusion.  Or just telling the audience to sit tight and tune in for this free fitness craze.

If you have a few minutes and want to check out the segment, click right here.

So maybe it wasn’t a full workout on a Wednesday.  Maybe I had to go into work a little late.  Carpe diem, right?  Now if I can just find a way to get us on the Today Show…


OH and if you didn’t get through my last post, this amazing gal on the right is OUR BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW CO-LEADER FOR NEW YORK! EVERYONE IS PUMPED!

3 thoughts on “Gooooood Morning America!

  1. I tried to get another one earlier in the segment but the anchors kept getting in the way! How rude. SO COOL THAT YOU GOT TO BE ON GMA. Although I’m with you, I much prefer the Today show. Maybe one day. I’ll definitely make the trek to NYC for that. This was one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that the 4:XX wake up call is beyond worth it. I had major FOMO watching you guys bounce around on live television 🙂

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