Savvy Summer Spending

It’s summer and for many that means time to spend spend spend. There are family vacations, weekend trips, local races, and oh the occasional ice cream cone because the Mister Softee truck won’t shut up.  That or there just so happens to be a Magnum Bar pop up that must be visited.  Anyways, summer is also a good time to look at finances and it’s never too late to reevaluate.

One of my good or bad habits (depending on the situation) is carrying my credit card around with me wherever I go.  I signed up for the cash back rewards so me spending $$ = me earning $$.  Solid plan, right?

There are plenty of companies such as B of A and Credit Card Insider that offer similar rewards, allowing you to spend and save.  Then there are the countless store credit cards that reward you for your shopping loyalty.  I haven’t dipped into this pool yet (too dangerous and my closet can’t handle any more clothes) but there are some benefits of having various credit cards!

Here are some of my other favorite ways to save:

  • Meal prep and pack at least breakfast and lunch for the week.  Triple points if you make dinner as well! >> I like to attempt all of my meals during the week and leave the weekends open to explorations.
  • Sell clothes to thrift stores or on eBay/Poshmark
  • Sign up for product emails rewards programs (sure they are annoying but that 20% discount will come in handy at some point)
    • Starbucks may have changed their program but still provides certain benefits to being a Gold Star member! (my theory is purchase plain black coffee for days and reward yourself with an extra shot mocha frappacuino) 😉
    • Other coffee joints or eateries with frequent purchase cards = free drinks/food
    • Shutterfly sends out emails about free products all of the time! You just have to pay for shipping, which is a steal
  • Split meals out (sharing is caring and usually portion sizes are much bigger than necessary)
  • Picnic/pregame ($10 bottle vs. $12-$15 beverages in NYC)
  • Money tips for days (PureWow)
  • Have your parents pay for everything (juuuuuuuuust kidding!!! totally a millennial thing to say 😉 )

For more information, check your local bank website and/or Credit Card Insider.  And of course just make sure to pay them all off 😉

How do you save money?  Do you keep a budget?


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