Life of Late ~ 8.19.16

Can we get a little BEYONCE up in here on a Friday? Yes.  Broadway Bodies with Alistair was certainly a highlight from the week.  My attempt to be hip, cool, and sassy was a fail but it was 100% fun and worth it.


Since three of us won free classes, we’ll have to go back to dance part 2.  That or I’ll just add dance classes to my monthly budget.  #priorities

In other news, it’s been a whirlwind of a week.  I went to probably 10 different apartments in the full blown humidity and let me say that I was this close to packing everything up in a U-Haul (or really tossing it on the streets) and driving back to California. Yep, love you too New York.  BUT we found one (yay Lindsay’s excellent apartment search skills) and are making moves.  Ok, one stress out of the way.


^^ On Monday I swam with my friend Emily at one of the free outdoor swimming pools before meeting a few other friends for Clinton Street Baking breakfast. Obviously the only way to order is a whole helluva lot of plates to share.

To be honest I wasn’t such a fan of Monday’s pool – Hamilton Fish – but loved the Asser Levy location and even found $20 at the bottom of the pool. Not that those two points are correlated but it made the morning sweeter for sure.


So I’m trying to do this thing where I actually stick to a training plan.  I’ve never been good at sticking to a diet plan or really training plan but know that if I want to run well and feel good, I need to fill my body with GOOD foods and be smart about training.  Sadly that means that I may not be working out with NP that much.  I need to fit in the miles where possible.  One solution to this was to run to the Wednesday workout and finish up the miles with the 5:30 crew.  The best part was reuniting with my buddy Annelise! Twinning of course.


Running is not always pretty.  Thankfully my friend Chloe (who also wrote and stars in this hilarious show “Dating My TV” – shameless plug you should all check it out) caught me mid stride in last week’s Inaugural Brooklyn Mile.



How is marathon training going?  Well, there are days where I feel that I am making progress.  I have Track Tuesdays, Long Run Saturdays, and I’m doing my physical therapy exercises from NY Custom PT.  Then there are days where I see everyone else running millions of miles and I question the process.  Will I be ready?  Am I eating too much?  Not enough?  Am I doing enough strength?  Of course I could be doing more core.  Ice cream.  Yep, that’s how the thought process works.

^^ #runtoeat or #eattorun ?

^^ Putting in the miles with Summer Streets and basking in the lovely humidity.  Yay East Coast!  Something unique about the second picture (if you can spot me in the pink) is that I have an extremely off balance stride.  My PT pointed out that my hips dip REALLY low when I am running and yes, that is quite evident (and embarrassing) above.  Must work on that…


^^ Epic collaboration with Ciele Athletics and Janji for the new Mombasa Collection.  If you are in need of some new workout swag (yes I just said that), head over to Janji to see what’s happening.  As I’ve mentioned before, not only is the clothing super cool in design BUT the company mission is absolutely legit – helping to raise money and awareness for ending the global water crisis.  Do I really need to say anymore?

I may have myself on a very tight budget (thank you apartment for pretty much taking my life savings…jk…maybe not), but I’ll be investing in some tights and possibly a new singlet as well.

This weekend is either considered 1) pretty domestic or 2) pretty boring.  A long run on Saturday with some friends along Summer Streets and a whole lot of packing.  My goal is to PURGE my closet and be realistic about what I need.  Yes Mom I will vary my outfits and not look like a cartoon character and yes Dad I will always look presentable 😉 but let’s be realistic – we all own way too.much.stuff.

I also want to finish a recap photo book from our trip to Alaska, maybe some blogs (maybe) and watch the last couple days of Olympics.  Since I’ll be home for a wedding next weekend, this is pretty much my last summer weekend in the city.  Shocking, right??  Feel free to provide any suggestions of last summer hurrahs!

What are your weekend plans?  


3 thoughts on “Life of Late ~ 8.19.16

  1. YAYYYY for an apartment!! I want to come to NYC and take a dance class with you, although I feel like I’d be pretty bad at it. It still seems like a blast at least so it’s worth embarrassing myself haha also… I need a ciele hat. I do love my new Janji singlet. Even if I am poor from all the upcoming travel/apartment.

  2. Ooh I know I want a pair of those Janji tights. And GIRL the struggle is real with marathon training. Sometimes like today I knew I had to skip NP to get in my tempo run instead and catch up on some snoozing. And I need more strength in yoga in my life but it’s hard to stick to a plan instead of doing all the things. I think the comparison thing is hard. I always think I’m not running enough lol

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